A dissertation proposal is a way to communicate to your supervisor about your dissertation. Therefore, every part of dissertation proposal should be well structured and well written including literature review, methodology, etc.

Basically, it is a plan to write a dissertation on a specific research question. It is the very main and first step that contains the information about which you are going to perform in your dissertation.

Steps to writing a dissertation proposal

Have you ever seen any student searching for Dissertation Proposal Writing Service UK or US-based? If so, don’t be shocked because it has become very common for students to find such online services, but have you ever noticed why they go for these online services? Well, the answer is, there can be many reasons, but the most common reason is they are not aware of the proper steps to write a dissertation proposal. So, to overcome this issue, you need to follow the below steps.

Write an introduction

  • After successfully choosing a topic, it is important to introduce your topic and provide some background information about your dissertation in the introduction section.
  • In this section, explain the reason why you think your research is significant, its impact in the future, what effects will it bring.

Literature review

  • This is a very important part of the dissertation proposal that needs to be written to develop the research proposal, refine methodologies, and essential to write the research findings.
  • It has to be a comprehensive review of the specific subject


  • In this section, all the methods should be described which are being used for the entire research.
  • This is one of the most difficult parts in which most students are stuck. Furthermore, it will be described below to resolve how to write it in a better way.

The implication of the research

  • This is a discussion section in which you need to discuss your research and what you expect from your research to achieve.


  • Most of the students skip this section thinking as not necessary. Although it is necessary as well as others. it tells the reader that you have used relevant sources for your paper.
  • This section will also allow the reader to read further information of any specific sentence.

Above are the main factors that should be included in the dissertation proposal, but most of the students are stuck in the methodology section because they don’t have an idea how to start it and what to write in this section. Therefore, to overcome this problem take a look below

How to write a dissertation proposal methodology

Basically, a dissertation proposal does not only give you chance to find out if research aims and objectives are valid or not. It also gives you chance to understand if the methods you are going to use in your research are feasible and authentic. So, here are the ways through which you can make write a perfect methodology section.

Explain the methodological approach

  • It should be started by providing some introduction of your entire research.
  • This section contains all the information about the data which you are going to use to achieve the aim and objective.

Methods that have been chosen for research

This is the very important section of methodology in which you need to put all the methods that you are going to use in your entire research. Methods can be qualitative and quantitative.

Quantitative method

  • Quantitative research means collecting and analyzing numerical data.
  • This type of research can be done through social surveys, official statistics, experiments, etc.(thedissertationhelp, 2021)

Qualitative method

  • A type of research that is used to collect and analyze non-numerical data.
  • This type of research can be done through sources like archival records, artifacts, interviews, etc.

This section needs a practical applicability overview of the processes and techniques to convince your reader about your research problems.

Overview of the problem

  • Overview of the problem itself describes that you need to put the overview of the problem. This is the very initial and main point to be included in the methodology section.
  • Here, you will include all the information about what have done in the past on this problem and how you are going to investigate this problem, what is the difference between your research and previous researchers.
  • Keep in mind, it should be clear and concise.

Perspective on the Expected Outcome

  • This section contains the result that you have achieved by using those methods that you have mentioned above.

However, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the approval of your dissertation depends upon the dissertation proposal methodology, but it is important to write it well-structured because it can also create a good impact on the reader.

Therefore, it is important to spend more time on writing an entire proposal rather than spending on methodology. So, it is better to know the entire format of the dissertation proposal which is:

Format to write a dissertation proposal

While reading about the format, make sure you are reading according to your program because every program has a different format as well as complication level increases in the higher program. This is the reason, most students even find PhD Dissertation Proposal Writing Service because the PhD proposal is much more complicated than others.

Anyways, here is the basic format of a dissertation which should be added To every program.

Title page

  • It contains the title of your dissertation topic.
  • This page also contains some other information like teacher name, date, etc.


  • Contain some background information

Statement of the problem

  • Research problems need to be explained in a given requirement

Aims and objectives

  • Well, while writing you are not completely aware of its results and this is okay. Therefore, you can discuss with your teacher to add aims and objectives after completing.

Research methodology

  • Discuss the research methods for the entire research.
  • A discussion of advantages as well as limits of particular approaches and methods.


  • List of references to key articles and texts discussed within your proposal
  • Cite all the sources you have used

Last words

Due to the importance of dissertation proposal, it is very important to make it perfect and it can only be happen when you make it’s every part perfect. So, this article will not only help you to write a methodology part, but it will help you to organize a dissertation proposal in a professional way.

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