How to Weld Sheet Metal on Automotive

Auto body sheet metals are so thin. Welding thick metals can be difficult but not as much as an autobody metal. Even if you have welded lots of metals up to now, it might still be a challenge for you. Many people think that they have turned into experts at welding and try welding sheet metals on automotive. But in the end, most of them end up ruining the joints and shapes.

Without perfect welding, the metals of a vehicle can turn completely useless. So, one should not go for them without knowing the right process to do it. Welding automotive steel is a new skill every welder should learn at some point. If you also want to gain this skill, you should always pick the right one for your need.

Different Welding Type for Autobody Sheet Metal Welding

Before starting your welding procedure, you must choose whether you want to go for MIG welding or Tig welding. They have their own advantages. If you are more experienced in a particular one, we advise you to go for that. You can do the welding like how you always do, but you should keep some things in mind. We should give you different tips for each of them. Below, we have some advice regarding both welding methods to use on automotive metals.

How to Perform TIG Welding on Automotive Sheet Metal

If you go for Tig welding, the electrode will affect the outcome of the project. Read these tips carefully-

  • A pointed electrode is a better pick if you concern about having better handling over the welding process.
  • The best size for your Tig welding electrode will be one that is around 1/16 inches. Doing so can rid you of the damage if you mess something up.
  • Go for tungsten electrodes. Choose whether a thoriated or ceriated tungsten.
  • The filler metal should be soft and thinner than the base metal.

How to Perform MIG Welding on Automotive Sheet Metal

Make sure to remember these tips when starting your MIG welding project-

  • When you are preparing the welding instruments, avoid getting wires with flux cores. Flux core wires can ruin the base metal by overheating it.
  • Speaking of base metal, it should not be thinner.
  • As you choose a MIG welding machine, you should pick the quality one with an array of options.
  • Experts at automotive welding always go for smaller wire diameters. As a result, if things go south, the damage may still not be much on the metal.
  • As a shielding gas, pick any gas with a large amount of argon. Do not go for carbon-di-oxide. Doing so will rid you of a load of splatters.


Before you start the welding processes, make sure to clean up the autobody sheet metal. It can prevent oxidization. As you are a beginner at this, it is best to perform the welding at a slow pace and be highly careful during the whole time. Do not forget to wear all the necessary PPE as well. It is imperative to do so.

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