How to Wear a Polo Shirt In 3 Interesting Ways

When it comes to men’s fashion essentials, there’s nothing more reliable than a polo shirt. These tops are great for casual settings, but you can also dress them up to add a bit more class to your style.

That said, these shirts are largely overlooked in the men’s wardrobe.

And if you want to upgrade your style, it might be time to fully utilize your polos. And if you haven’t been using your polo shirts properly recently, you’ve come to the right place.

This article looks at cool ways to style your polo shirt for different occasions, making the most out of this versatile piece of clothing.

Polo Shirts – A Brief History

While the name suggests otherwise, this shirt doesn’t come from the polo field. 

These shirts were actually designed for tennis. In the past, athletes were expected to wear a dress shirt, flannel trousers, and a tie when playing tennis. But as the game evolved, athletes started complaining about how constricting and hot the clothes they had to wear were.

Polo shirts emerged as a more comfortable and breathable alternative to “tennis” dress shirts. This is why you might also hear people call polo shirts “tennis shirts” from time to time.

But since then, the polo shirt has come a long way. Nowadays, you don’t just see it on the tennis court but also on the polo field and golf course. On top of that, this is a favorite men’s fashion staple to wear when going about daily tasks.

Polo Shirts - A Brief History
How to Wear a Polo Shirt In 3 Interesting Ways

3 Ways to Style a Polo Shirt

Now that you’re familiar with the history, you may be wondering how you can wear polo shirts in your closet. After all, fashion has evolved a lot since the inception of the polo shirt, so it can be hard to figure out the best way to blend modern and classic influences with the shirt.

So, here are three different looks with polo shirts that you may want to use or adapt to your tastes and preferences. That way, your shirts finally get to spend time outside your wardrobe.

The Classic Look

The best way to wear a polo shirt is with a classic look. For this look, you need a pair of nice pants. This could be jeans or chinos, whichever fits your taste and style more. From there, you can wear the polo shirt on top and tuck it neatly into your pants.

For the shoes, you can always go for a pair of clean white trainers. These are very comfortable while still adding a lot of style to a look. This is one of the most classic approaches to the polo shirt and a favorite of fashionable men around the world.

If you don’t have a polo in your closet for this look, check out this Fresh Clean Threads polo which blends style and comfort perfectly.

Summer Fun

One of the best things about polo shirts is their versatility. On colder days, you can wear this with a thin undershirt and jacket on top with your favorite pants. But if summer is coming, rest assured that you can easily style a polo to fit in with the season.

We recommend getting a blue or white polo shirt and nice khaki shorts for this look. Tucking the polo into your shirts and wearing a nice belt to enhance the look. And for the shoes, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable and breathable pair of boat shoes.

Dressed Up

Polo shirts can be dressed up. For this look, you can wear the polo shirt with all the buttons closed and tuck it into nice skinny jeans. You can pair this with a sports jacket or wear it on its own. And for a bit more flare, you can fold the jeans up, exposing your ankles.

There aren’t many better shoe options for this look than the classic loafer.


Polo shirts are incredibly versatile. But for a lot of men, they can be hard to wear stylishly. So, if you’re having difficulty styling your polos in your closet, try our recommendations above and find the one that truly fits your image!


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