Style Tips: How To Wear a Kaftan

Fashion is a constantly changing concept that seeks constant adaptation and changes based on conditions and events. With comfort and ease ruling supreme, particularly since last year, the demand for and popularity of kaftans has undoubtedly increased.

Kaftans have become a wardrobe essential due to their lightweight, breathable materials, asymmetrical designs, fun patterns (monochrome kaftan), relaxing themes, and a flattering silhouette. The kaftan, a luxurious garment, is eye-catching, adaptable, and can be styled in several ways.

This guide today gives you style tips on how to wear a kaftan.

What is a kaftan?

A classic kaftan, also known as a caftan, is a loose, ankle-length robe with long, flowy sleeves. In recent years, kaftans for men and women have made a significant comeback on the fashion landscape, becoming increasingly fashionable for casual and formal wear. But what exactly is a kaftan, and when and how do you wear one?

Long floor-length kaftans buttoned up at the front and made of cotton or silk were initially worn by men in the Middle East. They wore long or elbow-length sleeves with a wide leather belt or ribbon around the waist.

If you want to see what they looked like, the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul still has an extraordinary collection of imperial kaftans fashioned in rich, beautiful natural fabrics previously worn in the Ottoman empire.

Where else in the world were kaftans worn?

Caftans are still a popular traditional outfit to wear in Morocco, where they are worn by women rather than men and may be purchased in various materials, colors, and designs. You can wear a short kaftan to a cocktail party, evening party, or formal event.

There are also high-end designer Moroccan kaftans for formal occasions and basic ones for more informal events. They are also popular in West Africa, known as boubou.

There is also a history of them worn in Southeast Asia. The materials used to manufacture the kaftans are colored using the batik process, producing vibrant floral and abstract designs.

Kaftans have been accepted as a great style to wear in many other regions of the world since they are incredibly adaptable garments that can be worn in various stylish and individual ways and for various events. One of the reasons modern caftans are so popular is because they are simple to pull over your head and are a loose-fitting and comfortable garment to wear.

How to wear a caftan

kaftan dresses

You can wear kaftan dresses for both formal and informal settings, and the style options are limitless. Depending on the design, these fabulous dresses may flatter women of virtually any size or shape. They can also assist in concealing any extra weight you don’t want to draw attention to. Furthermore, long-sleeved caftans with a low V-neck are pretty flattering on women with bigger busts.

Cinch your kaftan with a broad leather belt to make your waist seem smaller, select the ideal floppy brimmed hat, and slip on a pair of flat leather sandals for some bohemian elegance. Add a pair of huge designer sunglasses, heavy earrings, and a soft, fabric shoulder bag, and you’ve got the perfect boho-chic look for weekends, casual summer parties, or a beach picnic.

For more formal events, pick a more fitting pattern and the right fabric such as silk. Choose one with layers of sumptuous, transparent fabric to give some sensuous appeal. Accessorize your evening caftan with a sleek necklace and nude heels for a casual outing.

A superb gold or silver belt, once again, will add to the luxurious aspect of your clothing while emphasizing your slender waist. If you wish to enjoy wearing the vibrantly colored, patterned kaftans of West Africa, you may find them complete with matching scarves and headwraps.

kaftans for the beach

One of the most common ways to wear a caftan nowadays is as a beach coverup. A kaftan made of lightweight fabric is the ideal accessory for your bikini or swimsuit, and because a calf-length kaftan covers most of your body, it may assist in protecting your skin from burning due to the sun’s intense rays.

Because it is not a fitted garment, it will help your body remain cool on those long hot days on the sand. It is also perfect if you are self-conscious about your body in swimwear and want to cover up while remaining fashionable and looking attractive.

For beachwear, try to get a kaftan made of natural fabric, such as organic cotton, because natural textiles breathe and assist in keeping your body cooler.

Short printed kaftan

Kaftan shirts are perfect for casual wear and are available in various colors and patterns. Wear a printed kaftan in a thicker, warmer fabric over skinny jeans and leather boots in the winter.

In the summer, put your caftan top over shorts in a lighter fabric, for example, a silk kaftan paired with shorts, white sneakers, and a straw hat. Choose some beautiful beads or the right accessories to spice up your top to attain the ideal casual style.

kaftans for loungewear/nightwear

If you want to keep cozy and warm, or if you want to stay as cool as possible, a caftan is perfect loungewear or nightwear. A flowing caftan in a thick, cozy fabric is ideal for snuggling up on the sofa on those cold winter nights or for remaining deliciously warm beneath your blanket all night.

If you want to stay comfortable on those long, hot, humid summer nights, choose one in a lovely light fabric like soft, organic cotton or silk. They are ideal for loungewear and sleepwear since they are loose, soft, and simple to pull over your head.

Where to shop for a kaftan

So, if you’re into a personal style, they are elegant pieces to have in your collection. Finding a beautiful caftan while traveling is one of the most exciting methods to obtain one; bargaining for your long or short caftans at a market in North Africa or the Middle East is sure to be an experience you will never forget!

If you are not preparing for exotic vacations, you will discover a wide variety of them in the shops. However, online is one of the greatest and simplest ways to find a unique kaftan. There is a fantastic selection to pick from, so browse online today to find the ideal one for you.

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