How to Wash Patagonia Down Jacket

The jacket is an imperative and indispensable outwear for the winter season. A special and comfortable jacket is Patagonia down jacket. It retains heat well, especially if there is natural insulation inside that can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees, as in the best Stayer models. In these, you need not be afraid of the cold wind, dank and damp weather. But, sooner or later, the owner of the jacket is faced with the question: how to wash Patagonia down jacket so that the favorite thing does not lose its shape, and the fluff does not go astray.

Especially this question arises in the people who are using Patagonia down jackets. In this article, we will provide some tips about how to wash Patagonia down jacket and dry clean down jacket and for those who want to extend the life of their jacket and return it to its original appearance and try to give a vast knowledge about

Washing or cleaning problems

Washing or cleaning problems

Often, we give up before difficulties and follow the path of least resistance that we just hand over our clothes to dry cleaning. But this option has several disadvantages. Like:

  • The person to whom you entrusted your down jacket is not responsible for the results of the overall work. It turns out that you cannot be indignant and demand compensation for damage caused to the thing if something that only remotely resembles a warm jacket is returned to you. And this is the most compelling argument against this service.
  • Another disadvantage is the higher cost of dry clean down jacket. You spend money on things that you could do easily at home yourself for free. Naturally, we advise you to work a little, so that after that you can confidently say that you have mastered all the intricacies of handling the most capricious detail of your wardrobe. But if you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to trust the professionals and rely on their competence.

How to wash Patagonia down jackets at home in a washing machine properly

The main problem is insulation. It stubbornly does not want to maintain its original shape, gets lost in lumps and spoils the appearance of the product. However, housewives with great experience declare: you simply do not know how to wash Patagonia down jacket – from this and all the troubles.

Let’s figure it out in order.

  • For a Patagonia down jacket, only a drum-type machine is suitable. Using a semi-automatic machine is guaranteed to turn your favorite clothes into a rag, even better if your machine is equipped with a drying function. If you cannot boast of this, you will have to use a simple method: hang the washed item on a hanger and leave it where it dries out most quickly. For example, on the balcony, near the radiator, provided that it is not too hot. If you are in a hurry, you can even use a hairdryer.
  • The washing mode that should be chosen for a Patagonia down jacket is delicate. The temperature is moderate, not higher than thirty degree celsius (30ºC).
  • Jacket deformation is another problem faced by many wearers. How to avoid it? We will give you this advice: before starting the machine, fasten the zipper, buttons and other fasteners that caught your eye. And then just turn the thing out so that it is the wrong side in front of you and not the face. If there is fur on the hood, remove it. It usually comes off easily.
  • Remember to rinse the garment several times to ensure that all traces of the detergent used in the wash are removed from the insulation.
  • Young housewives are often frightened with a spin – they say, it cannot be turned on if there is a Patagonia down sweater jacket in the machine. But this is a contrived warning. You still have to enable this function, because this way the outerwear will dry faster. You need to set the speed to 400-600 rpm.
  • Are you still using powder to wash Patagonia down jacket? Then do not be surprised that unpleasant white stains remain on the surface of dark clothes after washing. This tool dissolves more difficult than liquid analogs, it is worse washed out with water when rinsing. So, it is better not to be lazy and look for special liquids for washing especially demanding materials.
  • You can use a rinse aid, but a special one that will not turn the insulation under the fabric into lumps. If this is not at hand, it is better to refuse to use this tool, as well as the conditioner.
  • The thing should spin freely in the drum. In one cycle, you need to wash one Patagonia down jacket, without other clothes.

How to wash a down jacket with tennis balls or balls

We recommend using tennis balls or rubber balls (like toys for dogs) to keep the filler from turning your Patagonia down jacket into a shapeless thing.

In this case, there are several nuances:

  • The balls can shed and leave a mark on the surface of outerwear. To prevent this from happening, first soak them in water. It should be hot with bleach added.
  • If you don’t want to become a tennis player just for the laundry, buy tourmaline balls. They are environmentally friendly, economical, efficient – ideal. Throw them into the drum along with your jacket and they’ll do their job.
  • How to wring out a down jacket if you use this method? It’s very simple – without taking out the balls, at low speeds.

How to dry properly

  • Spread out the Patagonia down jacket, hang it neatly on a hanger and let it drain in the room, spreading an oilcloth or cloth on the floor that will collect water. If your machine has a drying function, use it.
  • Shake clothes from time to time, look for lumps. If they do appear, gently touch the stuck together fluff with your fingers to straighten the insulation and give it its original shape.
  • Another way, that you can use if the thing is still out of shape, is to beat the filler with your hands. There is also a method for the lazy: just put the Patagonia down jacket in the freezer while it is still wet. But we are not responsible for the result, it may surprise you unpleasantly.

Getting rid of lumps is difficult, almost impossible. It is much easier to prevent them from appearing on time – by erasing according to all the rules that we gave above. Let’s remember what not to do while you dry clean down jacket:

  • Soak the garment before washing.
  • Use water hotter than 30 degrees.
  • Add bleach, rinse with the wrong product or conditioner.
  • Lay clothes out on a table or on the floor to dry.
  • Dry for more than two days.

How to wash a Patagonia down jacket with your hands? [What to do with a Patagonia down jacket so that the filler does not get lost]

First, let’s decide which tool we need to use. These are definitely not dry powders, as we mentioned earlier. Also, do not use chemicals that contain chlorine and other aggressive active ingredients.

We offer two options:

  • Special shampoo.
  • Liquid soap is less effective, but will work if you do not have other detergents. The main thing is that it should be colorless.

Prepare your Patagonia down jacket before washing. Unbutton the fur and anything that comes unfastened, such as the hood. Close the zippers and wrap parts that may leave marks on the fabric with a waterproof film. If not, just place the item in an upright position. This will help to avoid not only unpleasant marks, but also the appearance of white stains, wetting of the insulation.

And now the main thing is how to wash Patagonia down sweater jacket. Be extremely careful and delicate. Do not take actions that will negatively affect the shape of the product. Do not stretch the sleeves when removing dirt or rub the fabric too hard. If there are only a few stains on the garment, use a mild liquid lint detergent and a brush. This will prevent the filler from getting wet and simplify the process of drying clean down jacket.

How to wash a jacket upright

  • Hang your outerwear on a hanger in the bathroom.
  • Wet the surface. Do it carefully. If there is little contamination, use a sponge or brush.
  • First, you should clean those places that are most stained, then proceed to the treatment of the entire surface.
  • When washing off the foam, you should direct the stream of water at an angle so that it does not get inside, onto the filler.
  • Conditioners should not be used – they, like powder, lead to the formation of white streaks.
  • The temperature of the water used for washing is no more than 30 degrees.

How to dry a Patagonia down jacket

The first and most important rule is vertical only. The horizontal position will ruin the thing, especially if the filler inside is wet and rolled into lumps. Nothing good will come of it if you spread your clothes on a towel – they just won’t dry out.

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Do not think that the very next morning after washing, you will be able to go to work in your favorite Patagonia down jacket – it will still be too damp. Wait two days. This is enough time for your jacket to return to its original appearance.

Do not be too lazy to fluff up the insulation after contact with water. This can be done with a simple beater that you use to remove any dust accumulated in the carpet. Walk through all areas several times so that the insulation under the fabric does not turn into one sticky lump.

If the weather is damp and chilly, remove the item from the balcony and place it near the heater. But do not forget that you cannot dry these clothes:

  • directly on the radiator;
  • near an open fire.

How to iron a dry clean down jacket? Is it necessary to do this at all? Not all models need ironing. If there are wrinkled spots that annoy you and spoil the appearance of the product, we recommend vertical steaming or ironing at 110 degrees.

Technology from start to finish

  • Small stains aren’t worth washing the entire Patagonia down jacket for them. Use a special gentle cleaner to remove them and treat the surface with a soft brush.
  • Be sure to turn clothes inside out, fasten buttons or zippers and remove fur parts.
  • Run the rinse cycle twice.
  • Squeeze out at a speed of 400-600 revolutions (rpm).
  • After that, be sure to use a hanger. We advise you to dry this type of outerwear only in an upright position, fastening all the fasteners, shaking occasionally so that the filler is correctly distributed inside.
  • The fur can be washed separately – with a detergent for delicate fabrics and materials. When drying, shake the fringe several times.

In this article above written, we talked about how to wash a down jacket manually and in a typewriter machine. Follow the rules, do not try to soak your favorite Patagonia down jacket, use only a good product designed specifically for such things. And do not forget: good outerwear will never lose its shape, even if you do not hand it over to dry cleaning, but take responsibility for maintaining its impeccable appearance on yourself. Stayer are models filled with natural materials that perfectly protect from frost and become an indispensable attribute of a bright image. Choose quality Patagonia down jackets and handle them properly. 😊

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