It seems that promotions are everywhere: in supermarkets, online stores, and online marketplaces. Flyers for free coffee are handed out on the streets, and promotional codes with discounts are sent to people’s emails. So, how profitable is it for the business, and how can you track the effectiveness of coupons and promotional codes?

Have you ever paid attention to the coupons you received? You may sometimes think, like, “Wow, I was searching for this product, and here I have the luck I got a coupon for it!” We do not doubt your chance, but that is called custom coupon marketing. As a business owner, you can use the same approach for your customers when they search for something on your website.

Individual marketing and personalization are trending. Moreover, customers are almost always looking for discounts, coupons, and sweet deals from their favorite brands.

Let’s explore how you can use personalized coupons to your business’ advantage and have a win-win game with your customers.

How to use custom coupons to your business’s advantage?

As mentioned above, personalization is vital when it comes to coupon marketing. However, with the time and effort it demands, let’s see the benefits it brings to your business.

Use special deals to attract more consumers

Attracting new customers with a better deal increases your chances of conversion. And custom coupons allow you to do just that. First, however, certain data is needed to understand how you can target your audience. Often, this data is available in various market surveys and studies and shows how custom coupons affect customer buying behavior.

For example, by offering special discounts to new users, you get the opportunity to interact with potential customers. In addition, your e-coupons here act as a sales magnet, attracting shoppers who may not know about your product/service without coupons.

Boost customer loyalty and retention

The way personalization works is it shows how much you care about your customer, their wants and needs, hobbies, etc. In its turn, this type of treatment helps acquire and retain customers for a more extended period.

Although your customers are more likely to notice a coupon of 15%, even a tiny personalized discount can attract their attention more and make them feel special. As a result, that feeling creates new conversions and loyal customers for your business.

Choose the proper channels

The digital world offers businesses several ways to deliver custom coupons. Depending on your strategy, business goals, and resources, the channels you will use will vary a lot.

So, let’s look at some of those channels:

  • Offer coupons on your website. Whenever new users enter your website, offer them a coupon for ‘’new users only’’ with the popup. Or, if there’s a returning visitor, you can customize a coupon specially made for them. You may also connect to coupon websites such as Dazzdeals that lists Macy’s coupon code available online and many other retail brands
  • Send custom coupons through email marketing. For example, send your loyal buyers a special coupon by email if they forgot something on their wishlist or have made their 10th purchase.
  • Award coupon for completing a survey about your brand or products. This is a way to answer your survey questions and, at the same time, reward them for having a moving force to get converted to your website.
  • Offer coupons with the help of an influencer. As you work with an influencer to attract their audience, ask them to offer a special coupon for only their followers.

Create occasional coupons

Occasional coupons are a great way to remind your customers that you care about them and congratulate them on holiday. For example, during Easter, you can send a special coupon to all those who bought decorations worth $50 or more from your store. Whatever strategy you choose, these custom coupons are there to remind your customers about how caring your company is.

Moreover, there is no more valuable data than knowing your customer’s special day-their birthday! So, consider offering them a personalized coupon on their birthday and show that you want to share it with them. Other special occasions are holidays, such as Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Independence Day, etc. So, provide special discounts and coupons for Christmas decorations or a personalized Christmas tree discount to your loyal customers.


It is essential to make personalized promotions to the right audience, through the proper channels and at the right time. And, if you can choose these key points smartly, you can see improvements in your sales and relationships with customers.

So, plan your custom coupon strategy, implement it into your overall business growth operations, and get the best of it in a short period.