In case your goal is weight loss, or to maintain your current optimal weight, you need to have a meal plan that helps you to achieve this. Several factors result in optimization of a meal plan, like the number and kind of nutrients that are consumed, the meal frequency, etc. However, a good place to begin is to find out the amount of calories your body burns in one day. This is the starting point where a BMR calculator comes into focus.

What is BMR?

To calculate BMR is simple, once you understand what it exactly is. The basal metabolic rate is expressed as the amount of calories that your body burns everyday for performing the functions of basic sustenance of life. Involving all the processes of your body that are involuntary, like digestion, breathing, pumping blood, activity of the brain, and much more, your BMR tells you about calories that may be burned in a passive state of your body’s functioning, or rather, passive to you.

BMR and Weight Loss

A BMR calculator can help you ascertain your basal metabolic rate. However, you should know that to lose weight, you must be aware of factors that decide your basal metabolic rate. These factors include, sex, age, hormones, your individual body composition, and genetics. This translates to the fact that there may be factors above and beyond your control, but if you target the improvement of the composition of your body, you can do a lot to raise your BMR. Your target should be the building of lean body mass, and research has exhibited that anaerobic exercise, such as lifting weights, can help. Simply put, you have to increase your lean mass and lower your fat mass. This raises your BMR.

Calculate BMR to Use in Weight Loss

In order to change your body composition, that is, to create more lean mass and eliminate fat mass, you need to make a conscious attempt. What does this mean in weight loss? It means that the diet you follow should be synchronised with your present goal – losing all the fat mass and establishing lean mass, thus getting your BMR higher. People who follow typical ‘diets’ never even think of figuring these factors in their plans. The idea of dieting for them is to get ‘buff’ by dieting or eating less and working out more (increasing energy). This is not a bad plan, if you want to only lose fat, as with such a plan, you will most likely end up losing the muscle too, and not ‘gain’ any lean mass in the process.


To benefit from BMR to facilitate weight loss, you must also calculate, through a BMR calculator, your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). Your BMR is an indicator of the calories burned at rest, but what about those burned while your body is active, while walking, exercising, etc.? If you want to get rid of some extra weight, you have to consume less calories than your TDEE count.

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is the goal of the majority of us, and even if you manage to increase your BMR, you may be prone to certain health emergencies. You need to be financially ready for these as they tend to strike suddenly. The only way to assure great treatment is through a health insurance plan that you can get online very easily! Make sure to checkout the various plans available and get yourself insured.