How to Untangle A Chainsaw Chain, Easiest Methods

Every time I put my chainsaw chain with other tools, it gets tangled, and it’s very disturbing and annoying. So learned a technique that takes about only a few seconds to untangle a chainsaw saw. And here is the way how to untangle chainsaw chains. 

This will help you to untangle the chain without cutting it, no matter how badly it is knotted up. And I know after so tries, we get frustrated and want to throw it away; no need to do that. 

Let me tell you how to do it. 

How to Untangle the Chainsaw Chain 

When I untangled my chainsaw chain for the first time, I faced many difficulties. I cut my hand and made the place and myself all messy and dirty. Follow the following steps to avoid any sort of trouble. 

Safety Measures 

You need to start the untangling process with safety measures and necessary tools. Noted, it can be done without any tools and bear hands, but it’s not entirely safe. 

First, I would suggest you use protective chainsaw gloves. A chainsaw chain has so many sharp small blades that it could injure you anytime; it’s good to use a safeguard. Especially with the new chains, these are very tricky to untangle without getting cut. 

Using oil lubrication comes in very handy when you try to untangle a stored and used saw. Cause it’s very rusty and tight too, without lubricant, it’s hard to move and separate. You won’t need to put pressure and force to untangle the chain after soaking it with oil.  

Having a pair of protective goggles will ensure more safety cause our eyes are very sensitive, and a moment of unawareness could cause serious damage. 

These will be enough to start untangling the chain. Except for all these, grab a screwdriver, wrench, pliers, and some tools like these that make the procedure faster. 

Lay the chain on a flat surface 

Your first job is to find a flat surface to lay down the chain; this will help you to accomplish the work far better. Put the chain on the table or bench or in your workspace. Make sure it’s clean so that dust and dirt particles can’t get into the saw. If you choose tiles or pricy wooden surfaces, then place a sheet over it so that the chain can’t put any scar on the flat. 

If the chain is still with the chainsaw guide bar, then use a plier, screwdriver, or wrench to remove it from the chainsaw. And it’s not possible to untangle the chainsaw if it’s attached to the saw. 

Lubricate your chainsaw chain 

After removing the chain from the saw, place it over the workplace and clean the chain of all the dirt and dust particles. Then soak the chain in oil; this will make the chain soft, and you will be able to move it smoothly. If it’s a small knot, then it may be undone automatically once you clean and oil the chain. 

If you are untangling a newer chain, then the process is unnecessary, cause they generally come with lubrication. 

Make loops to untangle 

Now the main part- to untangle the chain, pull it, try and get as far as it, make it as tidy as you can, and try to make it a circle. After doing this, you will see there are tangles loops. 

Take the two loops and place them in the opposite end direction of the chain. Hold the opposite direction loophole chains with two hands and let it fall downward. At this time, it might get completely untangled. 

Fuse smaller loops into bigger loops 

Your chain should be untangled by this time; if not, then place the chainsaw chain on the table and fuse smaller loops into bigger loops. 

After you complete the fusion part, there will be just two loops left in the chain; make sure that it’s folded in opposite directions. 

Flip the chainsaw chain 

Once you are done with fusion, place the two remaining loops in the opposite direction, like the last time. And now, flip the loops in the opposite direction. When you turn the chainsaw chain, it will be untangled. 

Things you should know before untangling a chainsaw chain 

There are a few important things that you should know before starting the untangling procedure. These will help you not to end up hurting yourself or the chainsaw chain. 

The blade and chain of the chainsaw are undoubtedly tough, but it’s not like it’s unbreakable. So,  while untangling the chainsaw, never twist the chain. It may break, and also it damages the teeth of the chain. 

And next, the safety of you, which have already been mentioned above, keep in mind the safety measure before starting the work. 

What to do to prevent chainsaw tangle in the first place 

What if your chainsaw never gets tangled in the first place? Wouldn’t it be nice? Here I am going to tell you how you can prevent chainsaw tangling the first time. 

To prevent chainsaw tangling, use oil every day, and keep it clean. After everyday use, make sure there are no dust and debris particles in the chain. Keep the chainsaw in a place where it won’t get rusty or damaged. Hang your chainsaw chain with a hanger; that’s how it won’t get tangled. 

However, it’s not entirely possible to prevent chainsaw tangle. But by taking all these actions, your chainsaw chain will get a more durable and productive life, and the chains blade and teeth will stay sharp for a longer time. 

Learn more about untangling chainsaw 

At that time, you already know how to untangle chainsaw chains. However, if you want to learn more about untangling chainsaw chains, then here is the anatomy of the tangled chainsaw. 

First thing first, theoretically, there is no way a chain can get knotted cause it’s not rope, and it can’t be tied. So what actually happens is one side of the chainsaw gets overlaps with the other side, and it creates a loop. 

The second thing is no matter what type of chainsaw chain you are using, whether it may be a cutter-type chainsaw (semi-chisel or low profile cutter, chisel) or chains sequence (semi-skip or full-skip, standard, the problems are always the same. All the chainsaw chains create the same type of loop, and the untangling process is always the same. 

And here is the fun part, the chainsaw chain always gets tangled in pairs. It doesn’t create a single loop. And most people try to untangle a single loop at a time, and it’s not possible; try to untangle chainsaw chains both loops at a time and you will get your job done in no time. 


Now you know everything about how to untangle chainsaw chains. Hope me sharing my experiences can save you time. If there is anything else you want to know, comment below, and I will help you to solve the problems. And lastly, be careful while using a chainsaw cause it’s very dangerous to work with. 


Do I have to use oil before untangling the chainsaw chain? 

Yes, it’s wise to use oil before you go for untangling a chainsaw chain cause without oiling it properly, you won’t be able to untangle it smoothly, and you may end up hurting yourself and damaging the chain. 

How to untangle newly bought chainsaws? 

Untangling process of the chainsaw chain is always the same, whether it’s a newly bought chainsaw or a used one. However, you don’t need to lubricate a newly bought chainsaw chain before untangling it, but the teeth are very sharp so you have to be extra cautious about it.