How to understand the specific benefits that AWS migration provides to a business

Much research has shown that more than 80% of businesses are either running apps or experimenting with cloud migration in Africa. Most of these companies move their IT infrastructure and data to the cloud and often choose an AWS migration in Africa. Such companies benefit by saving operation and infrastructure costs, gaining better security, and access to the latest technology. These services are also on-demand services for applications, storage, IT resources, etc. that help a company scale-up or down as per demand instantly. It allows them access to the cloud from anywhere and anytime and more benefits.

What is AWS?

Most businesses opting for cloud migration in Africa use the Amazon Web Services or AWS. The AWS migration in Africa provides the most comprehensive platform with over 175 fully-featured services. This cloud platform is one of the most broadly adopted across the world and has data centers globally that provide the best disaster recovery. It also offers over 100 cloud products that provide servers, storage, mobile development, networking, security, email, and much more. AWS has two main products, S3 and EC2. The S3 is a storage system, while the EC2 is a virtual machine service.

Low cost

Any of the fast-growing startups utilize the AWS migration in Africa to climb to the top of their business easily. While traditional companies would buy and build large storage and servers in advance as per their perceived view of business, cloud migration in Africa allows one another option. The traditional method would buy costly storage, hire managers and maintenance, provide proper cooling, sign contracts, and hope that the business will grow. Less storage would face crashes or low speeds, while large storage was a waste. AWS has a $0 upfront cost, and you pay as you go.

Easy transition

Almost every database and operating system are compatible with AWS migration in Africa. AWS products are also compatible with practically every coding language and programming model. Such a cloud migration in Africa saves time for the developer who may be utilized for another part of the business. Switching to the cloud computing services provided by AWS also provides an organization to scale up or down as per their needs. This is true for anyone simply switching from another cloud computing service to AWS or moving the cloud infrastructure for the first time ever. 


Traditional systems required one to properly predict the IT infrastructure needs over several years, which used to be always off due to a variety of reasons. Businesses used to err on the side of caution and hope for the best. But this would tax their coffers while providing no guarantee regarding the development of their business. A cloud migration in Africa or an AWS migration in Africa allows for payment for what is used as a pricing model that trims down the IT and infrastructure costs. It allows businesses to scale up their operational efficiency or bring it down almost instantly as per their needs.

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