How To Turn Your WordPress Site Into A Mobile App?

Approximately 50% of all web traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. Mobile devices generated 54.4% of all internet traffic on the planet in the 4th quarter of 2021. 

This figure had been steadily hanging around 50% since 2017 before gradually exceeding it in 2020. Responsive web design is essential since more individuals use their mobile phones to browse the internet. 

However, these websites still can’t deliver the same on-the-go Customer Experience as a native smartphone app (UX). Apps make it easy to manage content delivery and provide an enhanced mobile experience. 

Through app stores, you may expand your audience and boost engagement with an app. Fortunately, it’s simpler than you would think to convert your WordPress site into an app

You may rapidly and affordably give your users a more excellent mobile experience with the aid of the appropriate plugin.

What’s The Point Of Making A Mobile App For A WordPress Site?

You may tell that many people are using their mobile phones to access your website if you look at your web traffic in Google Analytics. 

Making your website mobile responsive is the most straightforward approach to guarantee that mobile users enjoy their visit. 51% of mobile users claim they use their mobile devices to look for new brands and items. 

Therefore, the key to generating new leads is having a dynamic website optimized for browsers. 

A responsive website is also crucial for establishing the trustworthiness of your brand. Internet consumers won’t recommend companies whose websites aren’t responsive to mobile devices the proportion of 57%.

Programming knowledge is usually required to create a mobile app, and many development companies will create a smartphone application for your website. 

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However, it would be costly for you. A few WordPress extensions can help you turn your WordPress website into a smartphone app if you want to reduce the cost to develop app from a WordPress website

They are all paid options, but they are all far less expensive than hiring somebody to create a new application for you. Remember that these plugins typically require intermediate to expert WordPress knowledge to use effectively. Use a mobile-responsive theme and increase your WordPress speed if you are a complete beginner to attract more mobile users. The top plugins to convert your WordPress site into app are listed below.

Top WordPress Plugins for Mobile App Conversion


Like most other WordPress to Mobile application plugins, Appilix is only accessible for development and requires a subscription to publish on Google Play. 

For WordPress journalism sites and blogs, the cost is $30 per year, which is very competitive. You receive the following benefits with Appilix:

  • No coding knowledge is necessary because the plugin extracts all the data from WordPress.
  • Designing a layout instantly
  • App colors that you can change to match your site
  • Using push notifications
  • syncing with your website in real-time
  • hasty construction
  • No end to app revisions

If you want to quickly, easily, and most importantly affordably convert your WordPress site in to app, Applilix is an excellent choice. 

Only 60 active installations from the WordPress directory are available due to its relative youth; however, it has a 5-star user rating.


Your WordPress website will turn into a native iOS and Android mobile app by MobiLoud. It has a fully customizable interface and incorporates your current plugins and themes. 

The MobiLoud staff is also available to oversee the developing and publishing processes and to provide first-rate support. Some of its essential characteristics include:

  • Specifically created for WordPress websites with significant traffic
  • Includes uploading your application to the Google and Apple Play stores as part of its entire service
  • Includes features that are common in the business, like push alerts and offline support
  • White label your app to remove any MobiLoud branding

MobiLoud produces apps quickly and at a reasonable price compared to the typical app development company. Costs for setup and configuration begin at $950, while monthly maintenance and updates begin at $199.


With just four simple actions, AppMySite makes it incredibly simple to convert your WordPress site in to app. You create an account first; then, you can customize how the app looks. 

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Once you are satisfied with how it appears, you use the plugin to connect the application to your website, at which point you may install and upload it to the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

While you can use AppMySite for free to create your app, you must purchase a ‘Starter’ subscription for $108 a year to submit it to Google Play. The “Pro” package costs $228 a year. AppMySite’s salient attributes include:

  • Several options exist for customizing apps, such as the home screen
  • Import menus from websites automatically
  • The incredibly optimized web environment
  • Demo functionality to use the application live on a phone
  • add countless CMS pages
  • a wide variety of add-ons
  • choices for an intelligent filter and sort
  • extensive documentation and knowledge base
  • syncing with your website in real-time
  • Real-time modeling
  • Logging in is possible with Google, Facebook, or email.
  • dynamic menu for apps
  • Numerous payment gateways are supported
  • incorporating social media
  • No end to app revisions

With over 7,000 active downloads and an overall user score of 4.6 stars, AppMySite is a well-liked plugin for turning your WordPress website into an app.


Consider AndroApp if your budget is more limited than what MobiLoud provides. You can easily convert your WordPress site in to app with it.

You can create a tested app with the customization options of your choice in a matter of minutes. Its salient characteristics are as follows:

  • has a wide range of themes
  • gives alternatives for using AdMob and Appnext to monetize your WordPress mobile app.
  • features unique branding, caching support, and unlimited push alerts.
  • is straightforward to configure

The cost of AndroApp is relatively low. Your app can be created free of cost, and upkeep costs only $66 annually.


The best WordPress app extension and smartphone app creator to convert your WordPress site in to app is called AppPresser. Compared to other solutions, it combines more plugins and offers more customization options. 

Establish a successful app that incorporates all your existing WordPress content and is fully customizable with their no-code app customizer. Include plugins like WooCommerce, and subscription plugins on your website. 

When prepared, automatically submit the app to the shops for iOS and Android. Among the characteristics are:

  • Building app pages using drag and drop
  • unlimited options for color and layout
  • automatic app store submission to Google Play and Apple
  • fantastic customer service

The most prevalent plan is $99 per month, with pricing starting at $59 per month.

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WPMobile.App is an additional tool you may use to convert your WordPress site in to app for iOS, Android, or both platforms. 

It is simple to use with customization and configuration options in your WordPress dashboard. Its essential characteristics include:

  • integrates your app with Weglot to interpret
  • includes standard features like offline content and push notifications
  • provides unrestricted updates and assistance
  • offers no-cost app testing

The app is a cost-effective remedy. It only provides lifetime licenses, so you can stop worrying about subscription renewals and ongoing costs. 

A single app for iOS or Android costs 79€, or you can design an app that works on both platforms for 149€.


You can create real-time applications from any WordPress website with the WappPress plugin. The sole issue is that it only produces apps for Android smartphones, although several other plugins also have that limitation. 

It is a very affordable option because creating your application is free, and you get 15 days of Google Play app validity. You can convert to Pro for $22 after the 15 days have passed, providing unlimited application validity and 6 months of developer assistance. 

WappPress’s salient attributes include:

  • Using push notifications
  • Android app validity for 15 days
  • The theme and landing page of the app may differ from those of the mobile website.
  • splash screen and launcher icon uploadable/customizable
  • White label without the WappPress logo
  • Real-time app development
  • The material on your website is automatically updated and synced with it.
  • Suitable for Amazon Affiliate websites as well as WooCommerce businesses


The typical American now uses their mobile devices for more than an hour every day. Mary Meeker’s 2019 research shows that by 2018, this had climbed to 3.6 hours. 

The use of desktop computers significantly reduced over the same period. Because of plugin technology, many people who are not coders now have simple lives. Now they may design a mobile app quickly and cheaply without the aid of developers. 

Making a smartphone application should be worthwhile for you and your audience because it requires memory space on intelligent devices and serves as a platform for increased connection. 

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So, attempt to develop a complex mobile application that enhances the user experience with the help of the top WordPress plugins for mobile app conversion listed above.

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