How to Track a Phone Without Knowing Them

The modern days are hard. Even though most of us enjoyed our childhood from the environment, today’s kids won’t be able to do so due to the increasing technology. So we had to give them the technology they had for their learning and deal with day-to-day activities. But since they are only children, you should always know to track a phone. 

Yes, we know. Our children are more independent than we are at that age. But what we should consider more is they don’t have a safe society like the one we had. Society is growing more dangerously, and we can’t assure the safety of even a little child. This is something we need to be heavily concerned about. So we need to get in touch with them wherever they go. 

To know what place our child is in, we need to track them through their phone, so if something happens, we don’t have to panic since we know their location. But how to track a phone? This is the thing that we will discuss here, and let’s track a cell phone by knowing the exact actions as follows.

How to Track a Phone Without Knowing
How to Track a Phone Without Knowing Them

Why Tracking Our Children?

Have you noticed that every 40 seconds, a child is going missing or abducted by somebody? What if your child had to face this terrible faith? So for their safety, tracking is very important.

In these modern days, parenthood has a lot of challenges to face. And this wide range of challenges is more challenging than in the past. It is very difficult to ensure the child’s safety when they are not in our sight. Track someone by cell phone number without them knowing is helpful here. Otherwise, your children may think you are invading their privacy.

So a solution comes as eyeZy GPS Tracker, and the challenges you face as a parent would be easy as you can track your child wherever they are, and you will be able to view their history of routes remotely.

How to Track a Phone?

We know it. You will always want your daughter or son to have more independence than others. But you can’t lose control to some extent that you have over them. Although you want them to enjoy their life freely, you have to be sure if they are safe or not.

How to Track a Cell Phone by eyeZy on Their GPS

This is something hard to balance as an act. If your kids are grown into going to school on their own, they will sometimes hang out with their friends in late-night evenings. They deserve their freedom, but you know what. You were once a child, and you know that hanging out in another friend’s house is not only mean about hanging out. 

But when you were a child, technology didn’t support your parents, but now it is here for your help. Especially if you hold a GPS cell phone locator, this would be much easier. 

Now the parents around the world are stepping towards eyeZy to keep their tabs on kids. Once you are installed, you will track a cellphone to know where they are on a map. It is not only about the locations. eyeZy will let you set out the safe zones. 

If your kid enters or leaves the zones you have set, you will be alerted. This way, you don’t have to constantly look at your phone or check in with their location. 

How to Track a Cell Phone by eyeZy on Their GPS?

If you ever wanted to know your child’s location through a GPS phone locator, would be the best. With that, you will track the GPS coordinates by a one-tap and see your child’s location within the map. Since this app is advanced with geofencing technology, you will be able to set safe zones and set some restricted areas. 

Set these on your phone, and if the child gets out of the safe zone, you will be informed immediately to take the necessary actions. eyeZy is more than location details, and there is a whole history providing about where our child has been. Those are included with timestamps, dates and coordinates and more. 

There will be a summary report with thee all where it shows the locations where your child has been most. If you notice anything unusual, you will be able to have an investigation later. 

Why Will eyeZy Be the Best to Track a Cell Phone on Their Location?

You may want to know if you can track a cell phone with a location with a phone number. No, you can’t, and no matter what most apps say, it is not capable of tracking someone by cell phone number without them knowing. 

You can’t just do it only by phone, and if an app says they can, they are lying. Even those offering the services for free, there are high chances of them offering spyware that will steal your personal information. 

Instead of these risky app solutions, you can move towards eyeZy, and it has an invisible life on your phone. It can track someone’s GPS location without knowing. Even if they have swapped SIM cards, you will still know their locations as the app does not track directly to the phone numbers. 

Find Your Kids Locations Where They Shouldn’t Be

If you ever worried about your child sneaking at night while giving them freedom without letting them cross the line, eyeZy will help you not to let those children be on the wrong track.

With the geofencing feature, you will be able to set some forbidden areas, and once your child enters there, you are getting notified. So you will have condiments on your kids since they are in the area you approved. 

eyeZy will be very useful for you for the following reasons. 

  • Installation is easy with eyeZy and easy for anyone to use. There is a quick installation on it, and any parent can use it easily.
  • eyeZy is a hidden location tracker, so you will not have your private data. This is a reputed payable source, and It has gained millions of trust from the world.
  • It is more than a GPS location tracker, and the monitoring solutions will give you peace. You can see if your child gets cyberbullied by seeing their text messages and reviewing their social media pics, chats and videos they received and sent with the browsing history can be seen here. 


It’s time to set up your child’s safety and track a cell phone without invading their privacy and freedom. As a responsible parent, you will be getting more responsibility and protection towards your child by eyeZy, and now their safety will be monitored more than ever.