How to Style – Petite Body Dresses With a Flattering Appeal

Coming in all shapes and sizes, a petite figure has nothing to do with weight and this is the first myth that needs to be debunked. It refers to women who are shorter than 5’3. For a petite woman, shopping for a cocktail, prom, homecoming, Ifugao tribal outfits or even a wedding dress is more of a chore because it involves the big objective of improving proportions and that’s what fashion is all about. 

The following fashion tips will definitely help you find the ultimate petite body dresses:

  • Rule of Thirds

It is the most important rule that you need to remember while shopping for petite outfits. Remember the proportions 1/3 and 2/3. Dressing up in halves is not a good idea for petite women. To give a proper shape to your figure and proportionate it accordingly, go with crop tops and long skirts or long tops with short skirts. However, it’s not limited till there. Applying the rule of third, there are endless possibilities for you to style your outfit and look flattering. 

  • Always Go for Fitted Bodice

If you’re looking for petite outfit ideas that will define your curves more accurately and introduce the flattering appeal to your attire, this is indeed an important point to keep in mind. A loose bodice is not at all recommended for a petite figure because the plus sides of your figure get shadowed by that. What you need is a fitted bodice that flares from the waist. Empire waist petite body gowns are also quite amazing if you have a fuller bust and wish to showcase it. 

Furthermore, assume that your aim is finding a petite dress of the right size, a body shape calculator can help you to take exact measurements for obtaining the best petite outfit. It includes measuring length, width, and body circumference. Meanwhile, different female body shapes can only be identified with the help of body measurements. Remember that curvy or tall is not the thing that indicates your body type, the body parts will do. So, you ought to try an online body shape calculator that calculates the waist-hip ratio and depicts your body type corresponding to your body parts measurements. If you want to feel physical relaxation and get the perfect fit for your petite figure, you need to measure yourself by body type calculator because bust, high hip, and tummy keep changing their shape the most.

Check out the voguish petite evening gowns from the designer collections online:

  • Off-Shoulder Necklines are Love!

For petite women, the ideal scenario is to find dresses that have an elongating effect and what better way to do it other than an off-shoulder neckline. It spreads across the chest and neck to highlight the well-sculpted shoulders and also proportionate the downsides and upsides of your figure. More importantly, off-shoulders are versatile and flattering. They are perfect whether you have a heavy bust or not and go well with formal and informal outfits. 

Here are the best dresses for petites with off-shoulder sleeves; check out:

  • Go for Wrap Styles

Wrap dresses are the all-season favourites of petite women. They are good for casual as well as fancy attires and help to introduce a balance between the upper and lower halves of your body. This style covers up the bulges and helps to create an hourglass illusion. Most importantly, you don’t have to go for revealing necklines for wrap dresses to be sexy. They go best with simple V-necklines but you can also go for sleeveless or straight-across strapless ones. 

Conclude your attire with pointy toe shoes because it will help to enhance the elongated effects that you’ve worked in your dress. Remember that it is common to not be able to find the exact size when you’re petite and, in that case, improvise with these styling tips. The more confident you are with your body type, the more ways are there for you to experiment with fashion. Happy styling!

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