If you are new to CBD, it helps to know how to properly handle and store your products, especially CBD oil. No doubt, CBD oil is slightly expensive and they usually come in small packaging.

So, you’d probably agree that you won’t want the potency of your CBD oil to dimmish before you get the chance to use it.

Want to know more? Here are a few tips on how to store your CBD oil properly to get its maximum benefits.

CBD & The need for proper storage

As you may already know, CBD is derived from nature: the cannabis plant. Therefore, unlike synthesized drugs, your CBD oil requires greater protection because its natural constituents are subject to easy, faster degradation by the elements of the environment.

If your oil is not properly stored, even if you get a legit CBD oil from OTO CBD USA, the cannabinoid concentration may be significantly impaired or deteriorated, causing its potency to greatly reduce.

What causes CBD oil potency to diminish when not properly stored?

Now that you understand the need for proper storage let’s look at the individual factors that come into play in the degradation of CBD oil when proper storage is not done. 


Sadly, CBD oil is photosensitive, which means it degrades very quickly in the presence of light. What’s more, light is technically everywhere once the day emerges, so the UV present in natural light from the sun is the foremost degrading factor that easily reduces the potency of CBD.

Depending on the intensity of light and period of exposure, cannabinoids can completely damage or become significantly less potent.

Therefore, it is important to keep your CBD oil in a place where UV rays cannot reach, even though legit CBD oil comes in dark amber bottles to protect against UV.

The good news is artificial light from your lamp or fridge will not degrade your CBD oil.


The ideal storage temperature for CBD is 21°C as it has a low tolerance for heat, which breaks down its constituents.

A cool environment will allow it to last for many months. If unsure of the environmental temperature, your refrigerator can provide the perfect temperature control for your CBD oil.

Air & Humidity

You should also protect your CBD oil from contaminants and moisture in the air by ensuring the container is tightly sealed.

Air can cause the oil to lose flavour or become unsafe because of contaminants, while the moisture in the air can make mould grow in your CBD oil, rendering it unfit for use.

Opt for a legit CBD oil, or a proper storage approach won’t matter

While the above storage tips will work well in preserving your potent CBD oil if you follow them, they might not matter if your CBD oil isn’t from a legit source or manufacturer.

Let’s face it, what’s there to properly store if what you have is not potent or fake to begin with? 

One of the easy ways to differentiate legit CBD oil from a fake is that fake companies are usually sketchy, sloppy, and won’t adhere to simple standards.

So, right from the packaging, you can differentiate a legit CBD from a fake one. For example, CBD oil should always come in a dark amber bottle.

Ensure access to a certificate of analysis (COA), which gives information about the constituent in the product, such as THC and its amount, and the presence of contaminants, e.g., microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

You should also note that a legit manufacturer will only provide a COA from a third-party lab, not from its own lab.