How to Solve My iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update iOS 17

This month with the latest release of iOS 17, a lot of iPhone users will be upgrading their system to the latest version in order to experience some of the new features it has released.

But some users might have some problems during the process of doing the system upgrade. There might be some users who will meet iPhone stuck on preparing update and it takes a long time to download. There are also some more serious cases that cause the iPhone to be frozen and can’t be used normally. If you are unfortunate enough to really encounter this kind of problem, this article will solve your urgent problem for you.

Part 1 The Reason of Why is My iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update 

If you want to know why your iPhone update stuck on preparing update, first you need understand what ready to update stands for. It is one of the phrases that the iPhone uses when it is performing a download or installing an update. First of all before you update, the process will check if your phone is connected to the internet and download and install it when there is an internet connection, if you are experiencing a pause in the update during the process, it could be due to the following reasons.

Network Outage: If your network is unstable it can cause the update to pause. In this case, you can check the network status.

System malfunction: A malfunction in your phone’s system can also cause your iPhone update to fail. This time you first need to fix your system malfunction before you can proceed with the update.

Physical damage: If your phone suffers physical damage during the update process, such as a cracked screen, it can also cause the update to fail.

Low Battery: If your phone is in a dead battery condition, it will also not be able to update. You will need to charge it to continue the process.

Insufficient storage space: The update takes up a lot of space on your phone and if your phone doesn’t have enough space to help with the update it will fail.

Part 2 Best Tool to Fix iPhone Stuck On Preparing Update—MagFone iOS System Recovery

Choosing an efficient and useful third-party tool is the best way to go when you are in such a situation that bothers you a lot. Here I recommend MagFone iOS System Recovery. This tool can help you solve most of the iOS system problems, which also includes new iphone stuck on preparing update. You don’t have to worry about what is causing your phone to get stuck in the update process, you just need to use MagFone with a few clicks to fix the problem perfectly. The most important thing is that you can completely save the data inside your phone while using the standard repair mode, here are the steps to use MagFone.

Step 1 Connecting Computer and Your iPhone

Click on the link to download MagFone iOS System Recovery, after completing the installation, click on Open MagFone to connect your phone and computer together. Select iOS System Repair.


Step 2 Click Standard Mode to Fix iPhone Update Stuck on Preparing

Select Standard Repair Mode, please note that this step will not result in your data loss and you can be completely assured of that. If your device is not detected by the program, then follow the on-screen instructions to put your device into DFU mode or recovery mode.


Step 3 To Download and Verify the Firmware Package

In order to be able to solve the problem you are experiencing with failed system upgrades, in this step you need to download the necessary firmware package. After waiting a few minutes for the download to complete, the program will automatically validate the package. Then move to the next step.

download-firmware-package (2)

Step 4 Fix the Problem and Keep Connection

At this step you can click on the Start Standard Repair button and wait for the program to unpack the firmware package. Keep your phone and computer are connected while waiting for the decompression to complete. After the repair is complete the screen will show “Done” indicating that the repair is complete. Now, you can try to update your iPhone.

Part 3 iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update in Other Ways

Besides using MagFone iOS System Recovery to solve your problem, there are some other ways to help you fix your new iPhone stuck in the ready-to-update stage. These methods may not always work completely, but it’s worth giving them a try.

Method 1. Reset Wi-Fi Connection

Since the network plays a very important role in the update process, you can help restore your iPhone’s update functionality by resetting the Wi-Fi. Disconnect from your current network, then switch to a more stable network and check if the update is working.

Method 2. Clean up the iPhone Storage

Under normal circumstances, the update file will take up a maximum of 100MB to 1GB of storage, and if your iPhone does not have enough storage during the update process, the update will fail. You can delete some useless files and photos to provide enough space for your update file.

Method 3. Remove the update file

As mentioned in the first part of this article, a system failure can also cause the update to fail, in which case you can delete the update file and restart the update.

Step 1. Enter “Settings” and click “General”.

Step 2 Click on “iPhone Storage” and tap “Delete Updates”.

Step 3 Then turn to “General” again. Tap on Software Update. Select Download and Install to try to download it.


Method 4. Resetting Network Settings

If you used the first method and it still didn’t solve the problem, you can try resetting the network settings. This will delete the network you are currently using and some other settings related to the network. After the reset, you can set up your network and try to update it again.

Step 1 Tap “Settings”, select “General”, and then click “Transfer or reset iPhone”.

Step 2 Click Reset, then tap Reset Network Settings.

Step 3 When you’re done, set up a new network, then tap Update iOS.

Method 5. Restart your iPhone

Usually when a phone encounters a problem, there is a solution that will solve most of the problems and that is to reboot the phone. The way to reboot your phone can vary from one model to another, here are the reboot methods for different models.

For iPhone 8 and higher: Press and release the Volume Up button, then press and release the Volume Down button, then press and hold the Power button until the phone shows the Apple Logo.

For iPhone 7 and SE: Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons. When the Apple logo appears on the screen, the phone reboots successfully.

For iPhone 6 and earlier: Press and hold the Home button and Power button together. Release when iPhone restarts.

Method 6. Updating with iTunes

In addition to being able to update in your iPhone’s settings, you can also do so through iTunes. Please backup your phone data before doing this step to avoid data loss.

Step 1 Go to iTunes on Windows or the Finder on a Mac. connect your computer and phone. Click Trust on iPhone to trust this computer.

Step 2 Click Devices on iTunes. Select the Summary tab on the menu.

Step 3 Once you will see the selection on the right side of the screen, select “Check for Updates”. Then confirm the update. You may need to wait for a while.

Part 4 Conclusion

I hope when you read this article it will be a good solution to the problem you are facing right now with your iPhone stuck at the update stage. However, I suggest you to use the efficient and professional system repair tool MagFone iOS System Recovery to solve your problem. If you find it useful, you can recommend this software to others who need it. Thanks for reading!