How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup

There are various cloud storage solutions available, like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, though they all have a limited amount of storage capacity for free accounts. So why not put them all together? CBackup is a free file backup solution that uses the available space on all of your cloud storage accounts to back up your data.

CBackup is a cloud backup service that offers expandable storage. It allows you to combine the storage space of many providers and access all data from a single location. Automatic backup and synchronization are possible with the program. The data is encrypted using the AES 256-bit standard during transmission.

CBackup is a straightforward backup application. After installing the software, you must establish a free account. Start CBackup and select “New to CBackup?” from the login page. Make an account.” Log in to CBackup after creating the account to begin customizing the cloud backup of your data. To get started, go to the sidebar and select “My Storage” to add your cloud accounts.

CBackup features

Lifetime backup server

CBackup offers you the chance to utilize their cloud backup service for free for the rest of your life! The majority of free cloud backup products provide a short free trial period. However, CBackup offers an unlimited free cloud backup service.

With the CBackup utility, you may backup all of your crucial information, photographs, and movies without paying any money. You may also save backups for free by combining several free cloud storage options.

Use different cloud storage

CBackup allows you to consolidate all cloud storage into one location. It connects to cloud storage. You may use Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and FTP/SFTP servers to combine various free cloud storage options.

You may also merge numerous accounts in one location; for example, you can connect five Google Drive accounts to CBackup and manage them all from the CBackup Dashboard.

Data security

Data security

File Backup and File Sync help you keep your data safe. In the event that your computer fails, auto file backup and File Sync avoid data loss. All of your files, folders, and data from the cloud may be restored to your PC.

While transmitting data, CBackup employs 256-bit AES encryption to protect data security. By assigning specified times to cloud storage, you may schedule sync, auto upload/download, and data deletion. While doing these actions, CBackup ensures complete security.

File synchronization

You can back up files and data from an infinite number of machines to a secure cloud. CBackup synchronization backs up, uploads, and downloads your data to many cloud storage locations as needed.

You may also make a backup by moving and synchronizing files between cloud drives. It’s a simpler and faster method to sync and safeguard all of your data in the cloud.

How to use CBackup?

CBackup is web software that you may use in your browser. CBackup software may also be downloaded from their official website.

You can create/log in to your account when it has been installed. It features a straightforward user interface. You may view CBackup Dashboard after logging in.

Backup Tasks, Sync Tasks, and My Storage are the three choices on the left side.

How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup

Backup tasks

To add backup tasks, click the ‘New Task’ button. For these jobs, you may pick the source and destination. Different cloud drives may be added as a source to backup your stuff from Cloud to Cloud transfer.

How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup

Sync tasks

You may pick choices to sync data from one cloud to another in this page. The file format or directory structure are not changed during synchronization.

My storage

You may control all of your cloud drives from this option. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and FTP/SFTP are all available.

Creating backup

How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup

  • Select whether the data you want to backup are on your PC or in the cloud, then enter the folder containing the files in “Source” and the location, where you want to save the backup, in “Destination” on the following page.
How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup
  • When choosing a destination, pick “Combined Cloud” to combine the storage space of many providers. The application shows you how much free space is available on each service, and you can pick which ones to utilize.
How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup
  • By default, it takes all of the available free space in one cloud provider before switching to another cloud service. You can choose the order in which the services are utilized in the program.
How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup
  • To begin backing up files, click “Start Backup” once the backup task has been configured. You may also schedule the backup to run automatically under the generated job settings.
How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup
How to Secure Your Data in Cloud Backup


You may use CBackup for free indefinitely. It comes with 500 GB of monthly data transport to the public cloud and 10 GB of data backup to the CBackup Cloud. The free package offers standard backup speeds, assistance during business hours, and an unlimited number of cloud accounts.

CBackup’s basic package is $4.99 per month or $29.95 per year. It includes a monthly data backup to the Public Cloud of 2TB and a monthly data backup to the CBackup Cloud of 1TB. The base subscription includes rapid backup speeds and priority assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. CBackup supports an infinite number of cloud accounts.

The CBackup Premium plan costs $14.99 per month or $89.94 per year. It includes 5TB of data to CBackup Cloud and unlimited data to Public Cloud every month.


  • Simple to use.
  • Consistent results.
  • On a free plan, there is a large backup quota.
  • Plans are inexpensive.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, CBackup makes a compelling case for backing up your information to the cloud. The application also includes features such as backup restoration and email notifications.