How to Resist Impulse Spending: 6 Simple Tips

Some people have money for everything: a Netflix account, Bitcoin casino Canada, gambling, traveling. But some of them earn as not as much as you. The reason is that they know how to spend. Want to know how to avoid impulse shopping? Follow these tips.

Avoid Temptation

To think that this time you will definitely beat temptation is very reckless. Especially if you know yourself that you tend to indulge in weaknesses. There is no “willpower” – there is only the ability to resist impulsive behavior.

This ability depends largely on physiology and even genetics. A weak-willed person may have impaired synthesis of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. And the reason for this is a slight difference in the variant of the gene encoding the protein that is involved in their synthesis.

If you know you sin with impulse purchases, never carry large sums of money. And when your paycheck comes in, take money off your card and put it on deposit or in a hard-to-reach place.

Don’t Buy at Once, Take a Pause

Do you like something? Don’t buy it right away, try to wait – 15 minutes, an hour or a few days, depending on the amount of the purchase. At least because the frontal lobes – where the prefrontal cortex is located – may not have time to inhibit our emotional impulses. They just need time to calculate the possible outcome of actions.

Indulge in Sports, not Just Shopping

After a busy day or week, sometimes you want to go and “please yourself. This “please” suggests that we have a limited resource of willpower, which must be compensated. In fact, the brain simply does not have enough dopamine, serotonin or endorphins, and is looking for ways to stimulate their release, preferably in an easier way. Yoga or sports will provide an influx of “pleasure hormones” no worse than shopping.

Never Spend Money in a Bad Mood

It is worth monitoring your emotional state – anxiety or stress can affect the metabolism of neurotransmitters and not allow the prefrontal cortex to properly perform its “controlling functions. Bad moods are better to wait it out – happy people spend less money.

Recognize Manipulation

The magic of media and advertising is stronger than self-control. People used to watch commercials on TV, now they watch YouTube unboxing videos. Commerce has moved online and uses the most sophisticated advertising tools. You’re offered products that match your preferences as much as possible. App interfaces are made to suck your attention and then resell it to the advertiser. It’s impossible to resist this. But if you know how it works, you can avoid spending too much money.

Spending Less Challenge

Try turning saving money into a quest, a game. For instance, go grocery shopping for a week and meet a clearly defined amount of money. Run the challenge with friends – who will spend less. The mechanics of a game where not spending money is a desirable action can tie saving money to the pleasure center. You can also keep a list of the things you refused to spend money on – it can amuse your ego and add to your pleasure hormones. There are also more global options, like No Spend Year, where you don’t buy anything but the essentials for an entire year.

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