How to Recover an Unsaved Excel File in Windows?

If you are looking to recover your unsaved Excel file on Windows 10, then we have some tested DIY methods that will truly save time and at times save money. Here’s how these DIY methods work to recover an unsaved excel file.

MS Excel is a versatile tool that can be used for any number of purposes. Its reliability, ease-of-use and features make it one of the best MS Office applications, to which many people turn to when they need to store or process data quickly in their work environment. But at times MS excel does malfunction and gives errors.

There are various ways to prevent your Excel workbook from being lost or damaged. For example, if you close the file without saving it then there is no need for alarm – simply reopen it and go back into editing mode where all of your changes will be saved!

What happens and expected shutdown leads to unsaved excel documents. Unfortunately this can lead down two different paths: either system crash resulting in data loss; or more likely (although less serious) Crash.

This article describes how users have trouble reconnecting after unexpected system shutdowns. We’ve shown you some easy-to-follow DIY methods in this post so that your unsaved Excel files on windows are quickly recoverable.

Top Ways to Recover Unsaved Excel File

The methods are simple and quick, so don’t worry!

Method 1: Use the Search Options

In case name of excel sheet is in mind, search the name of excel 

Method 2: Auto Recover

Microsoft Excel has a built-in Auto Recover feature that saves copies of all open files at user definable intervals. You can recover the file if you forget to save it and accidentally close or power failure makes Microsoft excel shut down unexpectedly, but there is no need for worry because this programs allows users not only keep their most important information safe from loss due accidental termination by providing automatic backups with quick restoration options–allowing them peace in mind knowing data won’t be lost forever even during unforeseen circumstances like system crashes!

  1. Open Excel file and go to File > Options
  2.  Go to Save Option and click on Save Auto Recover Information, another option you see is “Keep the last auto saved version”. This means for any accidental closing of excel file, your sheet will be saved in auto save.
Auto Recover
  • Now copy the path mentioned in AutoRecover file location
  • Open the path in file explorer, your unsaved excel file is there.
  • Save the file with the desired name and location.

Method 3: Using an Excel Recovery Software

You don’t need to worry about losing important information anymore! We’ll recover all of those formulas and data while ensuring no invaluable insights are lost from any excel sheets or excel workbooks in question with our guaranteed recovery process- so just send over what seems wrong (and make sure not include confidential info).

There are a few ways to get your deleted Excel file back if it has been emptied from the Recycle Bin. You can use data recovery software and restore an old excel sheet or document, but there is no guarantee that this will work since you don’t know how long ago they were deleted!

The way data is stored on your computer can be complicated, but the good news is that there’s always room for more! Data recovery software takes advantage of this fact by scanning through folders looking at what has been deleted. Instead of physically removing any files or marking space as available to save new information – it just needs links from one location which will lead back into another block containing all original pieces after they’ve been reunited again in their own container file (think folder within folder).

The data recovery market is a bustling one, with many different products promising excellence. Some are more reliable than others depending on their algorithms and ease-of-use features provided by the user interface; we’ve used them all before but found that stellar data recovery is the best success rate in the market. Download the software from the stellar website and use the demo version to preview your unsaved excel file.


You know when you lose important Excel files and need to recover them before they’re gone forever? Well, we’ve got two methods for recovering your data in this article. The first is through manual techniques which might be time consuming but at least it’s safe if done correctly!

You can also opt-out of second bonus tip by downloading one of these programs: Stellar Data Recovery Software – a versatile tool recommended by us because its features are advanced enough allow users complete recovery from various devices with ease; their team is available 24*7 and the company offers this software in 1 Month and 1 year versions. Before purchasing we recommend the use of a demo version to fully check the functionality of the software.