How to Recognize and Prevent Fake Personal Injury Claims?

It basically means getting compensation for making false claims. This type of fraud can be done in many ways. Ranging from reducing the amount or reporting minor injuries. It can even go as far as causing an accident or intentionally damaging a vehicle.

Today in this article, one of the New York City injury attorney shares about some ways in which fake claims are filed and how these claims can be identified and how can they be avoided.

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There are two types of fraud:

Hard fraud: This is an extreme form of fraud. In this type of fraud two or more people planned an incident. They try to create the circumstances that led to actual or faint injuries. The person who commits such type of crime will have to face extreme criminal penalties. Police and insurance companies are continuously working to identify fraud insurance claims.

Soft fraud: It is a common form of fraud, as claimants invented their injuries to get their compensation. This is most frequently happens in legitimate allegations. Plaintiffs may even invent an injury by showing a previous injury as the basis of a new lawsuit.

How can we avoid being cheated after involving in an accident?

In case someone have got injury dial 911

Capture the pictures of injuries and damage done to your car.

Fill the details of other driver involved in an accident such as about the number plate of the car and the car model also write the name of the driver and their insurance details. Also notice any strange behaviour on his part.

Do not involved in an argument with other drivers. In case suddenly the driver becomes aggressive, stop talking with him and immediately contact the police and your insurance company and give them the details about the incident. You can also consult with a car accident lawyer for further help.

No matter whether you are a teacher or a big businessman or an experienced driver, anyone can be a victim of insurance fraud in any way at any time, so identify your ongoing insurance crime and report it to the police immediately.

How to identify fake repairs:

Keep in mind that some unscrupulous people may intentionally damage your car in order to get the cost of repairs.

In such circumstances make a call to an insurance adjuster suggested by your insurance providerand ask him to estimate the extent of damage.

In case you are injured:

Consult health care providers or accredited car accident lawyer. Ensure their credibility with licensing officers.

See your insurance policy in order to understand the amount of your medical coverage and what is included in your claim.

Keep a history of your medical appointments and make comparison with the statements you have got.

Do not sign an incomplete claim form.

Do your insurance provider be able to detect fraud compensation claims?

Insurers are doing everything possible to prevent fraud. They are constantly looking for ways to prevent fraud, but it is still not easy for insurance companies to detect insurance fraud.

However, cases of fraud are being detected. It is not necessary that the people receiving compensation by making false claims always succeed. There are several ways by which insurance companies can identify false compensation claims. Many insurance companies have proved successful in detecting fraud by making use of technology in a better way.

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