How to reactivate your account on Instagram?

The first & foremost thing to mention here is that if you deleted your Instagram account & you desire to recover it back, you can’t get that, unfortunately. You can get your account back as well as your username, as per the Instagram policy.

On the other hand, if you deactivated it or disabled it temporarily, you can definitely get it back anytime & start using it again for the purpose you were utilizing it before.

Step by step guide on how to reactivate an Instagram account

Step #1: To reactivate your Instagram account that you have deactivated temporarily, the first step you need to do is launch your app & log in to your account.

It exactly seems like reactivating your Facebook account that’s very much simple but Instagram has strict policies about account reactivation. Another thing to mention here is that if you deactivate your Instagram account, it is for a week only.

Step #2: If you are able to log in to your account, as mentioned in the above step, it means your account is active again & you can start using it. But, most of the time, things don’t work this way & Instagram doesn’t allow you to log in.

In this scenario, you have to choose the other available option i.e. reset your password. This method can work for lots of people & it’s also simple enough to follow.

  • Click on forgot password button, that is available exactly below the log in button.
  • It will ask you about the email address or most probably the username; enter it. If you have successfully provided the accurate information, you will immediately get an email to reset your password. Here you can click on the link provided in the email & reset your password to log in again to your Instagram account.
  • You are lucky enough if you are able to log in to your account again but if it’s the unfortunate situation, it might be the case that your account has been terminated. In this regard, you can go through Instagram’s terms of use to reactivate your account.

How to avoid Instagram’s account termination? Don’t violate Instagram’s community guidelines!!

There are a few community guidelines established by this platform. Every Instagram user must know all of them to make sure that all the pictures & videos they are posting on this platform are aligned with it. The following are a few important ones given.

  • Instagram allows you to post content i.e. photos or videos that are originally yours.
  • The pictures or videos your post on the Instagram account must be suitable for all ages. Sharing nude images, violent or sexual content is highly prohibited on Instagram.
  • Be very careful while talking to others & show respect.
  • The spams aren’t allowed on Instagram at all. Posting repetitive comments is highly prohibited.  

How to avoid Instagram’s account termination? Don’t violate Instagram’s terms of use!!

Make sure to follow the below-listed rules otherwise Instagram has every right to terminate your account anytime & without any prior notice.

  • To create your account, you must be at least 13 or above.
  • You can’t transfer or sell the account that belongs to you.
  • You must not post sexual, violent, or discriminatory content.
  • Sending spam to others is highly prohibited.
  • Creating accounts by unauthorized means is also strictly prohibited i.e. by automated devices or bots.
  • You don’t have any right to restrict any other Instagram user to use this platform.
  • It is totally illegal to transfer code that is destructive in nature like viruses etc.
  • The private APIs of Instagram must not be accessed by users.
  • Using Instagram for any kind of illegal purpose is not acceptable at any cost.
  • The last but not the least thing to mention here is that you are responsible for every action or activity is done by your account so sharing passwords is highly restricted. It is not only risky to provide your passwords to other people but also the apps that require your Instagram password are not safe to use.  

A few people think that strategies like buy Instagram followers & Buy Instagram likes are against Instagram terms of use. But, the truth is that if you buy these services from a reliable spot that provides you the real & active accounts, you are at the safe end.

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What if nothing works to reactivate the account?

If you are still unable to reactivate your account, the last but not the least thing you can do is contact Instagram directly. In this way, you can get to know the exact reasons for what’s going on & if you can get your account back or not. You can get in touch with them in more than a few ways i.e. you can DM on the Facebook page of Instagram, which is the simplest as well as the best way to talk to them directly as no support email exists. Another option is to access the Privacy & safety center by clicking on Report something button. The last but not the least option is click in Can’t log in button & here you will find enough guidelines to restore your account.

To make sure you get a response while contacting Instagram, you need to write a clear & concise message. Try to be professional & not sound upset. You can add screenshots to your problems to make it clearer.

Reactivation of Instagram account – Wrapping up

All the possible ways of reactivating Instagram account are listed above. If you have successfully managed to recover your account, that’s great. If you are unable to do this, you can always create another account within a few minutes.

However, at the end of this article, I would like to give you a few useful tips in order to run the account smoothly & in an incredible manner.

Always keep track of your Instagram statics in order to know how things are going with your current strategy. Make sure to get reports on a monthly basis. To keep your feed interesting, make sure to invest time in planning your content. Buy Instagram Followers Australia to make your account, photos & videos look popular to others so that it could grab their attention. This is the paid strategy to grow your account but investing a little at this will worth it.

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