How to quickly equip your character with WoW raid carry

Mastering the epochal difficulty of a raid and transferring loot. Overview of the new Sepulcher of the First Ones raid.

Raid boosting service in World of Warcraft

The final part of the Shadowlands add-on was released on March 3. In Patch 9.2 players can expect a new raid dungeon Sepulcher of the First Ones, consisting of 11 bosses and four difficulties. Each has different levels of items that many casual and professional players will want to get their hands on. You can do this on your own by joining a guild community and joining regular raids with other players. Or you can use WoW raid carry service which makes it a lot easier to gain achievements and rewards in World of Warcraft

What is Boosting and How It Works

Helping other players is handled by many strong guilds that meet on certain days. They invite one or more of the Jailers into their group to outfit their characters or complete a series of conditions required for the achievement. You can order the sweep of the entire raid dungeon with the transfer of the loot, or just the killing of some bosses.

The most popular is the heroic difficulty of the raid. Bosses drop items like mid-level rewards, pieces of set bonus, accessories, rings, and vehicles. For killing the last enemy of The Jailer, players get an achievement that will not be available at the end of the add-on.

Only the strongest players and guilds will help you pass the epochal difficulty. They have already completed it for themselves, dressed up their characters and their abilities are enough to level the damage of the weakest raid participant.

On average, it takes 2-3 hours to clear the entire raid. The loot is transferred at the end, when the raid leader distributes the loot to those who ordered the boosting service. To find players and guilds that offer booster assistance, you can use the search engine. There are many safe services, confirming the quality of the work with reviews from other players.

New Sepulcher of the First Ones raid

In the new raid, the developers have added a reward for all classes. We are talking about set bonuses, which can be traded between the three attached classes. It’s enough to collect 2 or 4 pieces to earn your character’s enhanced abilities. If you change your specialization, the properties automatically change to a different spec. So you don’t have to knock out the pieces all over again if you want to play a tank or healer.

The raid consists of 11 bosses. Only 8 are available the first week of the opening, the next week you can kill the remaining 3 and go to epoch mode, where the most valuable level items (278) drop. The entire list of raid bosses can be found in the list below:

  • Vigilant Ward;
  • Skolex The Insatiable Ravener;
  • Artificer Xy’mox;
  • Halondrus The Reclaimer;
  • Dausegne The Fallen Oracle;
  • Prototype Pantheon;
  • Lihuvim Principal Architect;
  • Anduin Wrynn King of Stormwind;
  • Lords of Dread;
  • Rygelon;
  • The Jailer.

Find a description of the combat tactics for each boss on the Wowhead website. You can also watch their walkthrough videos on Youtube, on behalf of those who have already killed. Mastering epochal difficulty takes months. Top guilds from America, Europe, and China participate in the progress race.

Once strong players have dressed their characters and closed the epochal difficulty of the raid, you can order boosting service from them. Dungeons will take only a few hours, even though it’s difficult. In the end, you will receive all items from your traders and a rare raid mount.

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