How to Prepare and Manage Digital Events in 2021?

With the fast-evolution in digital events, businesses need to evolve their marketing strategies accordingly to stand out from the crowd.

A successful digital event can play an important role in the marketing, and brand awareness of your business. During the economic crises caused by COVID-19, digital events are winning an edge over physical events around the globe.

The digital events have more chances to build connections and give value to the audience as stated by 95 % of digital marketers. 

Here are some key points you must consider to prepare and manage your digital events in 2021 for your business. 

  1. Create an Actionable Plan     

It doesn’t matter what type of digital event is, a clear strategic planning is always a key for success. 

Make clear goals about all aspects of the digital event as soon as possible. For example, you can plan about;

  • Perfect date and timing for the digital event
  • Type of content you want to explore
  • Free or paid access for the event
  • Event registration form requirements
  • Need of sponsor or advertiser 
  • Recording of the event to make it accessible once it’s over

Also, check time zones before choosing the best time.                                                                   

  1. Select Engaging Topics and Content

“Content is King”. Pick a topic you are knowledgeable about. Make small sections of your topic for easy understanding. Add new, up-to-date, and interesting relevant research to engage your audience. Avoid outdated or too old content.

Make sure your content is visually great as well. Write clear points, use larger font sizes, and use color contrast in your presentations. 

Include relevant captions, audio, or video media where necessary. 

Make sure you use your brand’s logo, voice, color, style, and overall graphics in the content for more recognition and the reputation of your brand. 

  1. Know about Your Audience 

To make the foundation of your digital event strong, you need to understand and value your audience.

Make clear points about; 

  1. Select Best Platform, Tool, and Speaker

Some common platforms for digital events are Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, AladdinB2B and WebEx. 

However, choose your platform considering its technical advantages, efficiencies, features, and budget. Also, check the possible drawbacks of the platforms that may affect your event. 

After selecting a platform, check its stability and reliability by running a test. If you have a tech-savvy member in your team, get recommendations from him.

Make sure your software or platform for the digital event is optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

Also, make your content’s font size enough that it has great visibility on mobile devices.

If you want to host the event, choose the best speaker or a presenter that has relevant authority and credibility in your topic or industry.

  1. Promote across Various Platforms

Find out the “value” you want to give to attendees in your digital event. Make a copy entailing these points and promote it across social media platforms

You can also promote via e-mail marketing or with different advertising campaigns (such as LinkedIn InMail ads). 

Add links for registration on your marketing posts. Ask your brand ambassadors or team to promote the event as well.

In a study by Adobe, the perfect time to get more event registrations are two to three weeks before the onset of the event. 

Make a specific hashtag for the event, this will help people to be aware and share. 

  1. Monetize (If Possible)

Monetization is a crucial part of a business. While you are providing value to your attendees free of cost, you can make a paid course or allow donations and offer it in the event. 

If your attendees are satisfied with your event, there are chances they will pay for more advanced courses.   

  1. Check Tech Troubles in Advance

Tech troubles can ruin a pre-planned digital event, so, prepare accordingly.

Check your internet connection and ask your speakers too. It is recommended to have a rehearsal to identify and fix the tech troubles.

Make back-ups of the content about the event. Ask any tech-savvy to make an easy guideline about the technical issues the speakers may have during the event.

Distribute these guidelines among the speakers. It is also recommended to have active technical support before and during the event. 

Also, check for a person who can moderate the interaction and engagement of attendees. In this way, you will be able to focus more on your work (presentation). 

  1. Practice and Prepare in Advance

Practice your script. Prepare some relevant Q&As to engage your audience in case if they don’t question in the event. 

Check your internet connection and equipment for audio, and video quality. Turn off notifications on your devices to minimize distractions. 

Make your space free of distractions such as asking to not enter your family members or pets during the event.

Make a to-do list to organize and follow the steps during the event. 

Also, make yourself and your team ready before 10 to 15 minutes of going live. 

  1. Engage Your Attendees

Allow engaging online opportunities for the better engagement of the audience. For example, you can allow a live chat to answer the questions they ask. In this way, they can retain in the event to wait for your reply.

You can run polls or live-tweeting. Take suggestions and recommendations and call out their names.

It is recommended to mute their microphones during your presentation to avoid distraction. Turn on microphones in the question-answer session or at the end of the event to stay organized.

  1. Give a CTA and Follow-Up

Get recommendations about your next digital event and define future objectives for that. 

You can make a survey form with Google form or another tool and share that with attendees at the end of the event.  

Offer your attendees a special discount or a free trial if you have any products or services. Explain why your services are unique from others. 

In the end, analyze the results of the event. Check matrices about the presence and engagement of the attendees. 

This will help you to make future events more successful.

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