6 Rules to Play Assassin’s Creed

“Assassin’s Creed” is recognized as a great game; many people have played it, and many people like it. The goal of this article is to help you make the most of the game. A paid assistance application is also available which can be used to understand the games rule and buy by using payment gateways

General rules 

1. Don’t rush into the game. This is a stealth action, not a hack and slash game. Although most missions do not require invisibility, rushing will destroy the spirit of the game. 

2. The game has a social status system, which changes according to your behavior. Social status cycle: anonymity→exposure→invisibility→hide→disappear→anonymity. The colors of the indicator lights are white/colorless→red→yellow→blue→green→white/colorless.

Assassin's Creed

3. The game has 4 levels of notoriety: 

Incognito (SSI without color): The enemy will ignore you. You are a sword in the crowd. Suspicious (SSI gradually fills with yellow)-the enemy will notice you. High-profile actions can cause problems and make the apparent rise faster. Notification (SSI gradually turns red)-the enemy will investigate you. High-profile movements can cause problems and make the apparent ascent faster. Detected (SSI is immediately filled in red): The enemy will attack you when they see you.

4. Low-key actions (walking, brisk walking, assassination…) keep you away from the risk of detection. The eye-catching actions (free running, jumping, climbing…) will take you out of the crowd and attract the guards. However, pulling out weapons in a low-key manner can still cause problems.


1. Anonymity is essential to the murderer. Make your task easier.

2. Try to remain anonymous and avoid eye-catching actions near guards. If you do high-profile, they will notice. 

3. When you find out, you can mix in or hide to cut off the line of sight. You can mix into academia, a group of citizens on the street, two people sitting on the bench in the middle, you can hide in haystacks, roof gardens, water wells, hawker goods, bushes, etc. Remember, smart guards (captain, hunter, searcher, agile) can search for hiding places outside the bushes to find you.

Assassin's Creed

4. You can throw money to attract citizens, distract the guards, and make it easier to enter the guarded places. You can also throw money when they chase you to attract nearby citizens and slow down the guards. 

5. Higher-level guards, such as beasts, agility, searchers… will not be subject to throwing money Influence. You can use other methods to seduce them, such as: hiring prostitutes and making them flirt with guards, using thieves, harassing them with recruits, hiring mercenaries, and placing the corpse nearby (be careful they didn’t see you carrying the corpse).


1. If you are exposed, outnumbered, in poor health, or just don’t want to fight, escape is your best option. This choice also puts you at a notorious level.

2. When running, use sharp turns or climb stairs (be careful, because if guards see you doing this, they will throw rocks, shoot arrows or guns and knock you down) to break the line of sight of the pursuers.

Assassin's Creed

3. When you break the line of sight, hide or blend into anonymity. Check your level of notoriety. You may want to reduce it.

Reduce your notoriety 

There are many ways to reduce your notoriety: deceive wanted posters without seeing the guards, bribe pioneers, bribe printing presses, and assassinate officials.


1. Pickpocket. Picking an item from your pocket may result in money, an item, or both. Don’t pickpocket in full view of guards or victims. Doing so will put you in battle.

2. Eavesdropping to collect information about the task. When eavesdropping, please make sure you are in a secluded place, out of sight, or hiding/mixing together, especially with guards. If the guard finds you are eavesdropping, be prepared to draw your sword.

3. Problem. Interrogation refers to hitting the messenger or announcer to obtain information about the mission or goal.

4. Analyze the trajectory. Analyze on-site clues to gather information about tasks or goals. In fact, you only need to find the clues, and the rest is left to the character.


1. The main job of an assassin. It happens in a short period of time, but requires a lot of preparation. 

2. A real assassin is someone who spends enough time to prepare for a mission, knows the environment well, and most importantly, until (or even after) hiding). ) The Strike 

3. You don’t have to hide to complete the main objective (however, you must hide to complete all optional objectives). The killing can be concealed with a hidden sword (legendary), or it can be done “loudly” with other weapons. But in order to get a perfect hit, stealth kills are recommended. 

4. There are many types of assassinations available: assassination from the roof, assassination from the cornice, assassination from the hidden and so on.


Although not official, there are seven types of weapons in this Game: 

1. Hidden sword. Legendary weapon of the assassin. It can be dual wielded (hidden double blades), poisoned or attached to a pistol. Hidden Blade is fast, deadly, and invisible, but weak in deflection. 

2. Ordinary weapons. Most of this type are swords. The rest are rapiers, scimitars, sabers, etc. 

3. Light weapons. There are many small weapons: knives, daggers, light axes, battle axes…Compared with Hidden Blades, this type has higher speed and damage. 

4. Heavy/blunt/long weapons. This guy caused a lot of damage, but his speed will disappoint you. These weapons include axes, war hammers, maces, battle clubs, and spears.

5. Long-range weapons. Including: weapons (pistols of simple 250เกม and muskets), bows and arrows, darts, darts, darts… 

6. Simple weapons. Simple weapons are devices that were not originally designed for combat but can still be used as weapons. Some of them are hoe, rake, broom, violin, fishing rod, etc. 

7. Other weapons/equipment. Including: smoke bombs, travel mines, etc.

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