How to plan a wedding during COVID?

Pandemic weddings can be the worst ones because these can put people and their lives at risk. COVID-19 is the worst pandemic situation and it can be nothing but a risk to plan a wedding during COVID-19. 

However, people still want to plan events in spite of pandemic situations. Below mentioned are some of the most significant factors that you can consider while planning a wedding during COVID. So let us get started. 

  1. The smaller it is, the better it is

The first thing to consider while planning a wedding during COVID is that you need to minimize the guest list. You need to know the smaller is the guest, the lesser are the risks. Wedding backdrop rentals can also be used.

  1. Choose an open location

The second significant thing to consider to plan a wedding in COVID is that you need to choose an open location. Open-air, lots of ventilation, and open space can help reduce the risks of spreading COVID. So you need to choose the venue carefully. Book with Vegas eloping packages for your perfect wedding destination while still on pandemic to assure an intimate, safe and memorable wedding.

  1. Consider the timings of events

You need to wind-up the events as soon as you can. You should never plan your wedding functions that run long in the night. The shorter time you spend in gathering, the better it will be for your safety.

  1. Maintain social distancing 

You need to maintain social distance while planning a wedding in COVID. You need to sit on every second seat if there is a sit-down meal. You can mark on the floor to tell people about the appropriate distance that they need to keep while attending the wedding.

  1. Tell everyone the rules

You need to tell the decision rules to your guests. Some of the rules are as follows.

· COVID safe methods.

· A distance of at least 1.5m

· Hand sanitizers

· Stay home if you are feeling unwell

Moreover, if the host of the wedding party is feeling unwell, he should focus on postponing the event.

  1. Limit the alcohol consumption

You need to limit the amount of alcohol being served at your wedding party. Limit refills instead offer one or two classy cocktails to every guest. There are lesser chances of interaction when there is a party for a limited time. So limiting such luxuries can reduce the likelihood of wedding duration.

  1. Mention names on the glasses of the guests

You need to mark or use tags for the glasses of your guests. Everyone should drink or eat in his allotted dishes. The chances of drinking water or alcohol in one another’s glasses are significantly reduced when these are distinguished by names and tags. Raising the glasses instead of clinking them can be the best step to limit the contact between glasses. You can use wedding rentals and mention the names of the guests on them.

  1. No buffet system

You can go for a No-buffet system when you are planning a COVID wedding. You can engage a waiter staff to serve food on the tables. 

  1. Ensure the use of hand-sanitizers

It the best and the most necessary step to plan a COVID safe wedding. Make sure to use hand sanitizers. Also, you can provide hand-sanitizers if your guests forget to bring one with them. There should be a hand-sanitizer on every table.

The bottom line

The above-mentioned tips are some of the most effective tips that help people plan a COVID safe wedding. You need to take care of these critical situations for your safety as well as the safety of your guests.

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