How to Plan a Wedding During Covid-19

This year has been a whirlwind of events, and we’d all agree that many things have changed. Coming down to the wedding industry, it’s been the same. Weddings as we know them have been switched out for celebrations that are more safe and better adapted to living with the pandemic.

If you’re planning your wedding at this point, you need to keep those changes in mind. Your planning process will be a bit different from those of couples who had their celebration in 2019 and the years before that. Here’s a more up to date version of some things you should watch out for and how to plan a wedding during Covid-19.

Stay Updated with Safety Information

One thing you’ll have to do throughout your planning is to keep up to date with the news. Infection rates and safety information will affect where, how and when you hold your ceremony. You’ll also be able to make better and wiser decisions about your wedding if your information is recent.

Create A Guest List

Creating a guest list is one of the starting points of all wedding planning. You have to decide who you want to see at your wedding so you can plan for them. Your guest list will affect your catering, the venue you choose and even the number of wedding favors you buy.

Your guest list will also affect the seating arrangements at your celebration. This pandemic has meant smaller weddings too so you’ll have to keep that in mind. While planning your wedding at this time, try to limit your guest list to your closest friends and loved ones.

Plan Your Budget

Your budget is the bedrock of all your plans and will determine the kind of wedding that you have. Before you jump into making decisions, first figure out how much you have to spend on your wedding.

If any of your family members or loved ones will be contributing financially, you can include those too. They can even help by contributing towards your wedding backdrop rentals. The total amount you have is your wedding budget, and you’ll be better off if you stick to it.

Weddings can be less expensive now because of the reduced guest numbers due to the pandemic. Don’t forget that you also need to save because we are in trying times. After you have the total figure for your wedding budget, you can then assign costs to individual details of your wedding.

Find Your Wedding Venue

One of the best tips when it comes to finding a wedding venue is to search within your price range. You don’t want to go on a venue tour, fall in love with the place and then hear numbers you can’t afford. You may end up feeling like you had to settle for the venue you end up with after that.

So, before you go looking, scout out their prices and make sure they are within your range. Another important tip when it comes to wedding venues is to keep your guest numbers in mind. You want a wedding venue that is not too small and also not too big. It should be just right.

Don’t forget to check out the Covid-19 precaution measures and safety rules that your potential wedding venue has in place. Most couples are choosing to have outdoor weddings at this time because it is easier to observe social distancing in one. You could also look into that.

Hire Your Vendors

This is the next step after planning your wedding and will be determined by how hands-on you want to be with your planning. Remember that the key is to save as many costs as possible at this time so it’s fine to DIY where you can.

For example, you can hire a DIY wedding rental company that can ship decorations to you, instead of having to hire a local expensive vendor. For the vendors, you do hire, be ready to have multiple online meetings to ensure that they get your wedding vision completely.

Create A Wedding Website

Almost everything has moved online due to this pandemic. Your wedding communication can too. This is where your wedding website comes in. It can be the central hub of information for all things concerned with your wedding. All your guests will have to do is log in to check the latest info rather than bombard your email or phone with questions.

Shop Online

Check for your rentals, wedding favors, and even your wedding dress online! Technology has made it easy to do this, and it’ll keep you safe. The best part is that since you are open to so many options, you can easily find something within your range or even save by getting a good deal.

Save, Save, Save

This year has taught couples all over the world, about how quickly things can change. The situation is still uncertain now, so wherever you can, save. You’ll feel much better for it, and you can always channel the money saved into something that could better your future. Best of luck!!!

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