How To Pick the Right Hat According to Your Face Shape and Features?


The hat seems to be the best accessory to complete our winter ensembles while also protecting us from the elements in elegance. Then how can you pick between a vintage cap, a European beret, a stylish bob, or a wide-brimmed hat? We can work together to find the ideal model for particular facial features.

Finding the correct hat is a matter of taste, individuality, and elegance, but it’s also a matter of facial morphology. With more and more different hat varieties to pick from, finding the right hat can be tough. If you’ve tried dozens of hats and given up looking, you should consider your face shape while selecting a hat.


It’s quite simple to see if a person’s face is round. With such a broad forehead, big cheeks, and curved chin, the shape has a tenderness about it. There are no harsh angles, oblong breadth, or strong jawline. Hats with just some expressiveness, like this standard size fedora with just a teardrop shape, help smooth the richness of a round face. Tall crowns also assist in stretching gentle curves, while uneven brims add contrast to an otherwise symmetrical face. To play around with symmetry, wear the hat leaned forward. People with round faces also sometimes have larger heads, and they must look for the best hats for big heads under this section. 


If you have an elongated face with a huge forehead and a chin that is extended, choose a bowler hat to minimize your facial characteristics or a fedora hat or floppy hat to harmonize your face. Decrease the height of your brow by wearing your hat upright and properly pressed. This summer, we’ve got a thing for felt hats that provide a refined touch towards any winter ensemble. Another season’s “must-have” is a great pair of shoes or leather boots.


Wearing thin crown caps with a heart-shaped face is a no-no, specifically if your cheekbones are high and noticeable (via Hats Unlimited). Cowboy hats, fedora hats, as well as baseball caps are indeed the best headwear for heart-shaped faces since they hide the lateral stiffness of the upper face as well as the narrow jawline.


Oval faces, also known as egg facial features, are comparable to long faces but have more curved sides and thus are noticeably smaller at the top and bottom. The largest section of the face is indeed the cheekbones, and the jawline is rounded without any sharp edges. Various hat shapes suit an oval-shaped face, including fun captain hats to flat cap caps, which sit just over the brows. Try a medium- to the wide-brimmed hat to contrast the rounded, soft characteristics of an egg-shaped face.

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Rectangular Face

Is your brow broad and your jaw angular? To soften your severe features, choose rounder pieces such as a cloche hat, bowler hat, or beret. If these models are too traditional for you, try a streetwear-style bob, which is very popular this season. To maintain the ears toasty, there is also a “sheepskin” variation.

Diamond shape

If your face is formed like a diamond, you’re in for a difficulty. Your cheekbones will also be the largest section of your face, eventually narrowing it down to your jaw. You’ll want to extend your face as often as possible if you have this facial shape!

You may carry a beanie further down on your head, making it an appropriate cap for you. To outline your face, pull some of the hair out and the front of the beanie. Beanies are a must-have for any comfortable winter look, especially if you follow the hygge trend.

Face shape plays an important part in choosing the right hat, but the right material and your personality also hold importance when you are making the hat decision. 

Your Personality

Choose a hat that reflects your style plus goes well with your present outfit. Fedoras and berets, for example, can be worn as hat styles with Boho clothes. A Breton or fedora hat, but on the other hand, is indeed an excellent alternative if you enjoy preppy clothes. In the style guides given by numerous designers throughout blogs and fashion magazines, you could find more information and ideas on the various hat styles available.

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The Material

 Because the style of the fabric used to manufacture the hat can affect how nice it appears and how long it lasts, it’s critical to buy one made out of high textiles. Whenever they are expensive, they will last you a very long time. Wool is a fantastic choice for just a winter hat since it makes you feel warm while also keeping you dry. Wool hats, such as the wool Fedora, are also worn during formal occasions.

There are several hat suppliers available in the market offering all types of hats with premium quality material. You can visit their website and find the best hat for yourself using these tips. 

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