How to Market & Sell a Profitable Online Course

Education is the cradle that has made humans who they are. From lighting the first fire to modern plasma ion thrusters, we humans learn and grow, and this isn’t something that’ll change anytime soon well unless we could just download information into our brain like the movie matrix.

With the ever-connected world through the internet, we live in a global village. Online courses are slowly taking the podium from classical tuition and coaching centers. They are the new ways to impart easily accessible and highly productive knowledge since learning is switching places and entering our houses! 

Online teaching platform have much more reach than possible by conventional means. However, making a wide range of audiences aware of your newly curated online course is not an as easy job as you may think. 

Marketing online education requires organization, planning, and a lot of hard work. It is purely a task of continuous improvement. But, nothing is impossible in this ever-grown world, especially after the emergence of new and effective technological means. 

9 Steps to Market and Sell Your Online Courses

Wondering how you can step into the marketing sphere and shoot your online course as one of the world’s seven wonders? Park all your queries as we have got your back!

Counting it in the world’s seven wonders is difficult, but our top-notch tips can help you attract a bunch of target audiences and increase your course engagement effectively. Following are the top 9 steps that do marketing and selling your online course – an effortless job for you. Let’s dive in!

Determine if you are fit for the niche

In this global village of startups, most people jump on the bandwagon with a dollar sign in their eyes. They learn that a market is unexplored with a specific lack of education and create whatever niche they think will work. Access what you are good at and make a course that sells. 

Finding the perfect culmination of an in-demand course with the right skill is a great foundation to build on. For example, You can build a beginner’s course for coding in the broader niche of computers and technology.

Access the demand by pre-selling the course

Validate before you fabricate. Don’t make a thing before selling. As you might have guessed, this is a unique mindset of selling. Most of the colossal online business opportunities come in this way. 

Creating a survey or a community of a predetermined sample size and building a course is a great way to be aware of your educational course and its demands. Making people pay before creating the perfect online course and then delivering it to them later is an efficient way to market and sell.

Leverage with influencers

Find non-compete influencers that are honest, credible, and popular such that it’ll benefit you both. The value here is exchanging and promoting each other’s email lists and potential customers. 

Building a mutual relationship in which both can gain through partnering and by running a test campaign. If the partnering works, you can try an extensive campaign or joint venture for an upcoming course.

Create a lead magnet

Create a lead magnet

Lead magnets are a piece of information or a specialized offer that can get you prospects contact details. Once you have the contact details, you can nurture the lead through the sales team and convert them to paying customers for your services.

Competitor analysis

The best online teaching platform is the ones that know what others are selling. This sentence may seem paradoxical in some way until we take a glimpse at the bigger picture. 

Analyzing careful inventory of their personality, skills,  brand, and ultimate goal, you flesh out a unique value proposition in what sells and what does not. Prospects see a diverse marketplace of similar products, but they align with specific people and schools of thought. That ends up with the course they choose and relate to.

Using content as a mode of marketing

Learning to connect with your potential customers with words is a unique skill. Be where they are online the most often. Learn about their deepest pain points and add terms on the appropriate channels that act as salt to the wound. Pitch your services through creatives, infographics, and video content in such a way to act as a bridge to the static and end dynamic states of their problems.


Every great online business opportunity begins with creating a product, marketing it, and upselling it. You can build a solid offering of another bonus piece of information with the chief course to act as upsell. The upsell product must add additional value for the customer and have a high cash value for the business.

Building a buyer’s journey and a funnel

A buyer’s journey is a series of choices your customer makes while researching a purchase. The elementary buyer’s journey consists of awareness, consideration and decision. 

Content plays a huge role in a buyer’s journey, with specialized content for each stage. Educational videos for awareness, testimonials for consideration, and FAQ content for decision parity. A sales funnel in parallel with the buyer’s journey can automate the process.

Foster a community

Many online teaching platform have a healthy community even after the course duration. Interact with them, make them feel special, solve their problems, and they will solve your problems. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing; a well-maintained community will reach further bounds to newer markets and opportunities.

Wrapping Up

The internet came with surplus online opportunities for everybody, and with the internet came new methodologies to market the products. The education sector saw a revolution, where some of the online teaching platform today are more successful than large institutions.

Few ingredients are necessary to make a perfect soup to market and sell your product. An online course needs a proper channel, funnel, vigorous testing, and customer satisfaction.

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