How to Make Your Office Lobby More Secure?

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In any office, the lobby is the main and most important point of entry and contact for your visitors. The lobby is the center of the security system and also creates a first impression. Designing a lobby with an improved security measure allows you to appropriately control access to the building. Security of your lobby also eliminates the necessity for additional security measures to be provided in the interiors of an office. So, there are many ways such as installing an electronic visitor sign-in system, alarms, and others to secure a lobby. Hence, in this post, we are giving you all the relevant details regarding making your office lobby more secure.

  1. Make the Lobby the Only Entry Point in the office

There are many offices, where employees can enter the premises but visitors must enter the building through the front lobby only. A Visitor Management system controls access and protects employees, the physical assets of the company, and proprietary information. Moreover, it is very important to limit access to office areas beyond the lobby to accomplish this.

  1. Issue Visitor Badges

You must also use a VMS that issues Visitor Badges. In addition to the employee ID badges, different visitor badges reinforce security from the lobby and allow front desk staff to clearly recognize visitors. Unique visitor badges have the name, date and time of visit, and photograph of a visitor.

  1. Maintain Digital Logs

Digital visitor logs are very significant for securing visitors and maintaining security. These logs have detailed records of who is on the office premises and at what time. Furthermore, the paper log can risk the privacy of a customer, so you can choose to use check-in software free to keep a more precise record of a visitor for future reference.

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  1. For Emergency Management uses digital logs

When an electronic visitor sign-in system is used in a place, then it provides security to all the visitors during an emergency. It gives access to the complete log that is available immediately. Without a Visitor Management System, security would be searching through paper logbooks to get a headcount which is not an ideal way for emergency evacuation like building fire.

  1. Collect Privacy Agreements

The next way to secure your lobby is to sign privacy agreements upfront with your visitors. They can do so, in the lobby or before they arrive at your main office.

  1. Take Benefit of Security Cameras and Alarms

Alarms and security cameras are known for strengthening the security in your lobby. This applies to business hours and off-hours too. Furthermore, alarm systems have a backup method to detect unauthorized visitors. Hence, you can take advantage of both the systems and fortify the security of a reception desk or a lobby.

# Final Words

For security, your lobby in the office is a critical base. A reliable electronic visitor sign-in system helps a lot in securing your workplace as it protects it against breaches. Hence, we hope that this post will help you in gaining your knowledge regarding how to make your office lobby more secure.

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