How to Make Cannabis-Infused Alcohol That Gets You High

Marijuana and alcohol are people’s favorite ways to unwind and get themselves in a party mood. Weed liquor combines these two substances into a delicious drink, but manufacturers often charge a fortune. Why pay an arm and a leg when you can make it at home?

All you need is a batch of buds from high THC weed seeds and a bottle of your chosen beverage. It won’t be a week before you have a bottle of alcohol with psychoactive properties. Read on to learn about this fun combination and two easy ways to cook it up.

Extracting THC from Weed

Any weed-infused liquor recipe requires you first to decarboxylate your buds. This chemical process involves heating marijuana to convert its THC acids into a form accessible to our bodies. Doing so ensures your booze gets you high.

Here’s how to unlock the psychoactive potential of your dried cannabis:

  • If needed, manicure your flowers from stems and leaves.
  • Preheat your oven to 240°F.
  • Evenly spread the buds on parchment paper and drop them onto a pan.
  • Bake the buds for one hour and then leave them to cool.
  • Grind your decarbed cannabis till it’s hoarse.

The bud grind is the star ingredient of the following two (and many other) THC recipes.

Recipe 1: Weed Vodka

Vodka is super-diverse, a staple of countless cocktails, and the quintessential element of your canna-drink party. Here’s how to spice it up with THC.


The basic cannabis-infused alcohol recipe is simple with vodka. It requires only a cheesecloth for straining the liquid and the following two ingredients:

  • Decarbed marijuana buds
  • A standard bottle of vodka

Get half an ounce of ground bud per every vodka bottle for a moderately strong beverage. Add more if working with lower-potency flowers or hoping to get socks-off high. If this is your first contact with the plant, start by learning about marijuana dosing to determine your ideal amount. 


Grab the desired amount of ground buds and drop it in the vodka bottle. You can transfer both into a mason jar for easier access and shake the liquid to spread the marijuana particles. Don’t leave any floating on top, as that layer becomes a breeding ground for mold.

Then follow these steps:

  • Leave the vodka in a cold and dark place for four days. Stir twice a day to make the cannabis swirl and release its oils.
  • On day four, put your vodka in a pot of hot water. Let it warm for 30 minutes to facilitate the absorption of THC.
  • Let the vodka cool before straining it through your cheesecloth. Try to catch all marijuana particles, as they’re not tasty at this point.
  • Pour the vodka into a glass bottle and keep it chilly and away from the light.

Recipe 2: Weed Whiskey

The other way to make weed-infused alcohol is with whiskey. Choose citrus or pine-scented cultivars for a rich flavor if you plan on having the liquor on the rocks. Any cannabis you have on hand will work for cocktail enjoyers.


Making weed whiskey is just as simple as combining cannabis with vodka. You need cheesecloth to strain the liquid, a brown paper bag to keep it safe, and these two ingredients:

  • Decarbed marijuana buds
  • A standard bottle of whiskey

Choose higher-proof liquor for maximum success. Again, you’re good with half an ounce of bud per bottle.


Start preparing this type of THC-infused alcohol by pouring your whiskey into a mason jar. Add bud grinds to the liquid and swirl the container. Once the marijuana is submerged, follow these steps:

  • Seal the jar and store it inside the paper bag, placing it in a sunny spot if possible. Let it sit for three days, shaking once every 12 hours.
  • Strain the plant material with cheesecloth. Repeat several times to avoid gritty particles in your smooth drink.
  • Seal the whiskey in a glass container and store it somewhere cold and dark.

Drinking Your Canna-Liquor

You now have weed liquor, so it’s time to enjoy yourself. Let’s end with a few points on safe consumption and see what you can expect.

Drink this beverage as you would any other type of alcohol, but with additional moderation. Two ounces are the equivalent of one serving.

Start with a sip and wait for an hour before having another, giving yourself time to gauge your reactions.

Merging these two intoxicating chemicals can elevate their influence—especially the drowsy and carefree effects. According to user experiences, it feels like you had a particularly powerful indica blunt.

THC and alcohol may alter your perception of time and space, release your inhibitions, and slow your reflexes. The blend is an effective social lubricant in smaller doses.

Both substances are heavy-hitters, though; their combined power could take you by surprise. Watching your dose is essential to having a good time.

In Summary

These recipes for THC-infused liquor are guaranteed to take your next party higher. Get creative and exotic while cocktail mixing, slowly sip on your drink, and have a blast.

While you’re in the process of DIY-ing your fun substances, why not expand the operation? Buy seeds, grow marijuana, and altogether avoid adulterated or overpriced ingredients.

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