How To Make Tea From Herbs Collected Over The Summer

After the summer, there are not only numerous photographs, traces of sunburn and pleasant memories. Many people stock up on all kinds of fragrant bulk organic herbs, leaves and flowers, so that later – in autumn and winter – they can prepare teas and other warming drinks with them. Rosehip and spice morning tea will wake you up. A cup of black tea with currant leaves will dispose of you for a leisurely evening conversation. Tea with chamomile and oregano will drive away day’s worries and allow you to fall asleep better. 

How To Choose Tea?

As for the choice of the best herbal tea for the mixture – here you should start from the maximum simplicity of taste. Only unflavored teas are suitable for mixing. Jasmine green tea is the only exception, and then only if your additives have a very delicate aroma that cannot be hammered by jasmine.

Forget about your favorite Earl Gray and Oolongs for a while, opt for Assam, English breakfast tea or a simple but high-quality green gunpowder. And remember that black tea has a more dominant flavor than green tea, so bitter herbs and spices (like sage and pepper) are better suited for it.

And for the most part, fragrant herbs online australia can be combined with any type of tea: black, green and white. Only if they are cooked in soft water so that the taste and aroma of the tea can fully unfold.

How To Mix Tea And Herbs?

Herbal tea additives can be the simplest, one-component, and can be complex collections – from two to ten herbs. You need to combine them with each other, of course, to taste, but there are still some rules. Usually, one component dominates in the mixture, for example, rosemary, or currants, or mint – and the rest only play along with it.

If you feel like experimenting with strong scents, at least choose from different “areas”. Say, a spicy herb, plus the leaves of a berry bush, plus spices . Whole spices – cinnamon, star anise, dried ginger roots, nutmeg, cloves, anise, vanilla, allspice – give the collection a special charm. 

They provide not only amazing taste, but also a lot of vitamins! Take citrus fruits to help them – their juice and zest, and there will be no limit to the number of all kinds of options.

Perfect combinations of best herbal tea, and spices

  • Raspberry Leaves + Orange Slices + Cinnamon
  • Sage + lemon balm + allspice + cloves
  • Sweet mint + lemon wedges + star anise
  • Thyme + oregano (oregano) + lemon peel
  • Cherry Leaves + Strawberry Leaves + Vanilla pod 
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