How to make Kayaking safer: safety equipment and clothing

Kayak is small transport, so it is often dangerous to drive in currents. When kayaking, you have to give utmost importance to your safety. Kayaking can be a great way to spend leisure time. The people of South Carolina loves to do Kayaking very much, and kayak rentals in Charlestonwhat are everyday things.

At the kayaking part of the safety equipment is not a mandatory option. one need what one let’s check first life vest, whistle, rope, knife, GPS, compass, cell phones, radios, Harrods applications, paddle plotter, bilge pump Etc 

Life jackets:

Life jackets are essential equipment. There can and shouldn’t be any kayaking without wearing a life jacket. Besides, if they do not wear them, they will be cracked down by the coastal police and face massive fines. Not because of the crackdown, but unconditionally for safety.

There are countless types of life jackets. Some use only kayaks, some use fishing, and others use inflatable life jackets.

You can use any life jacket, but it is recommended to wear a life jacket exclusively for kayaks. Life jackets for kayaks are designed to be suitable for paddling or rescue. Rescue refers to getting back on the kayak if you ever drown.

It is designed differently from general life jackets to give freedom of movement of the paddler and arm movement.

The kayak is designed to fit the paddler’s posture and the kayak seat position because it is a sit-down ride. The internal buoyancy material is also positioned to match it. However, the price is a little high.


Whistle, whistle, etc., are hung on life jackets to give signals to nearby colleagues or to warn small fishing boats approaching from the coast when calling and in case of a rescue. There is little to use daily, but it is for emergency use. 


A rope is a line with a thickness of less than 5mm that is not burdened, and it recommends to carry around 20-30m. It is useful when towing or anchoring a kayak. A rope is also more of a household item that you prepare for safety rather than work to be used. 

Walkie Talkie and Cell Phone

When several people go out to the sea or lake together, use a radio. In the case of the sea, a radio is convenient to communicate and move frequently. If you don’t have a radio, you can use it as a mobile phone.

They have to carry mobile phones as they have to request rescue if they may be present, and radios and waterproof packs for mobile phones are essential. The telephone number for rescue requests is 122.    

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Harrod application

It is an app created and distributed by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and can download for free from Play Store. Since it is a useful app in the sea, boat, and kayak, users can help in many ways by spreading it on their phones. There is also a rescue request button, so make sure not to press it.

Paddle float

It is used when submerged in water and is used when self-rescue is not learned. Please put it on one side of the paddle and use it like a tube. If you connect the paddle float to one side of the paddle and fix the paddle on the kayak, you can easily climb up when you are out of the water. However, once you learn how to climb, you can easily climb without such equipment. In that case, it is not necessary.

If you always check the above items necessary for safety, you will be more enjoyable and safer Kayaking.

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