How to Lookup an Old Friend

Are you desperately seeking an old friend? This process doesn’t need to be difficult, especially if you follow the steps outlined here. We have the best, most effective person lookup tips for you.

Use a People Finder

Regardless of the reasons you’re looking for someone, apeople finder can be very helpful. These background check services will comb the net and some even the Deep Web at the speed of light, giving you access to any publicly available details. Background check sites generate search reports. Your report will probably include your friend’s address history, phone number, social network information, and email. Many of them offer a free trial, so if you’re only planning to do a single search, it’s definitely something to take advantage of. However, the specific terms of use depend on the provider.  

Niche Sites

There are niche sites for friends, businesspersons, hobbies, interests, and other groups that can provide helpful information about your friend. It would help if you had at least some idea about where they might be now and what they could be doing. The data you can obtain through a networking or niche site could well be enough to find your old friend. The best thing is that you’ll get additional info, like a current email, if you have their phone number or an old address. Then, you can look up the new info and get more – it’s like being a detective.

Reverse Search

If you have an email or number, you can do a reverse search to get more information. It will help to try to remember as many personal details as you possibly can. If a long time has passed since you’ve seen them, this won’t be easy. However, you can talk to mutual friends or acquaintances to get more information about your friend. Reverse phone lookup services will show if they’re still using an old number you have; this will save you a lot of effort if it works. 

Tracing Back

How you came to know your friend is also important. If it was from work, try to recall what exactly they did. You can also look them up on LinkedIn, the biggest social network for professionals in the world. If you knew them from school, look for alumni groups on Facebook. If you know a relative or significant other of theirs, they might give you more about their whereabouts to go on.  

Social Media

If you have an old number, you can look up any social media accounts. Even if it’s not current, they might have linked a social media account to it. You can use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to track someone down based on where they used to live, which high school they went to, through friends or relatives, or based on where they used to work. In addition, you can look them up on Facebook groups of people from high schools, their church, or their college or university.  

Search Free Records 

BRBpub is a nifty service you can use to search public directories without paying a dime. For this to work, all you need is to recall their last location. This is what you should begin with, as you need something concrete to base your lookup on, which can help narrow results down. If you’re able to link a job, a school, or an organization they were in, you’ll get even farther in your search.

Access Public Records

One doesn’t require more than a name to search public records for data. In this process, it’s always possible to get more information to continue your search. Like with everything else, you must start somewhere. Here, you can apply the same principles outlined above – such as tracing back. If you know your friend’s hometown, you could find out where they live now. You can also search public records for other information, such as their marriage and divorce certificates, death certificates, certificates of a name change, and even criminal history.

The US Center for Health Statistics is a good place to start your public record search. Your state’s department of vital records might have helpful information, too.

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