How to Know If an N95 Respirator Mask is Real or Counterfeit

Introduction :

 When the explosion of the coronavirus occur, our only hope was on health care professionals and workers. We all want the people at higher risk from exposure to the virus to get well soon. Administrative control’s priority is health care workers who are directly and consistently in the disclosure of this infected virus. They want these people should wear respiratory masks and get respiratory masks first because they need them the most.

Due to the high demand for the N95 mask, a shortage of this mask occurs.

Centre of disease control and prevention plan a format for use and supply of N95 respirator in the health domain due to limited supply.

Corona Virus and Respiratory Mask – N95

Corona Virus and Respiratory Mask - N95

Centre of disease control and prevention stated that people who are near infected virus, suspected for the virus, caretaker and whoever in close exposure must wear a respirator mask.

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus. It infects through aerosol. So, it is mandatory to cover your face with a mask and maintain proper hygiene to protect yourself from this infected virus.

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People are in assenting patients, students going for the exam, disinfectant cleaner who clean the room of patients, and laboratory workers who collect samples and process them. And other people who handle or in contact should follow the precaution rules given by the center of disease control and precaution.

Healthcare workers are willing for this outbreak of coronavirus, that someday they will also test. Here are a few instructions about the careful choice and use of the respirator to assist with this strategic planning.

Three Criteria for a Respirator to Work Effectively:

  • The filter in the respirator should be highly effective and work effectively on fetching the toxins or viral particles.
  • The respiratory mask should be tightly fit than only it is more effective. It is the only way to minimize the risk in contact with the aerosol present in the environment.
  • The respirator masks should wear carefully with less exposure to the infected virus.

Occupational safety and health administration also refer to the same thing that people who in contact with suspected patients or who are treating them must wear this N95 mask. An N95 respirator mask is a face mask that covers your face and nose with a highly effective filter that protects you from the contamination present in the environment. N95 Mask matches the standard of the USA National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The main role is it filters 95% of airborne particles from the breathing of users.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health also approves some other masks as safe and gives the same protection as N95 Mask. A surgical mask is also used in place of N95, but neither is it effective like N95 Mask, nor it is approved. Surgical masks give proper seal to the face nor filter the air particles.

Fit testing :

Fit testing plays a key role in the protection program of respiratory masks. Occupational safety and health administration decide to do ideal testing of the mask to identify the right respirator model, style, and size for each worker. This test confirms the respirator fits properly and is correctly designed for use.

Some other consideration for Putting your Mask on:

Some other consideration for Putting your Mask on
  • Two Straps: Put a respirator over your nose and under your chin. If it has two straps, then put the Straps near your ears above and inner. It will provide you proper protection.
  • Metal nose clip: If the respirator contains a thin metal nose clip, then set it according to your face by your hands. Make sure it is properly attached.
  • Seal Check: Whenever you wear a respirator mask, always see user seal check.
  • One should not have facial hair as it leaks the respirator. Small facial hair is fine as far as no hairs are in the sealing area.
  • Discard: When you are not able to breathe properly, discard your mask, and when your respirator mask becomes dirty, damage should discard the masks.
  • Do not keep your mask in an untidy condition. It may cause more danger.
  • Keep it in a clean and dry place. Clean your hands before and after discard.

Conclusion : N95 respiratory mask initially manufactured for industrial purpose industries like mining, construction, painting. It has shown its effectiveness in many other industries. N95 respirators have only one drawback and are effective only when there are no oil particles. In industries, if the respiratory mask is in good condition, you can use it twice. N95 respirators can be reused for a small amount of time as they have not been used for aerosol-generating operations and are not infected with patients’ body fluids, so this increases the possibility of pathogens contaminating the surface.

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