How to Keep Your Employees Happy: 5 Proven Strategies

In 2022, it was discovered that a whopping 72% of young American employees regretted starting a new job!

Ask around, and you have probably found that even seasoned employees aren’t necessarily happy employees. Even with the current economic crisis, many American workers dream of quitting their job and are always on the lookout for a new one.

If you don’t want this same fate to happen to your company, you need to ensure you have a happy workplace.

Here’s how to keep employees happy.

Offer Them Rewards

For most of us, work takes up much of our life, whether we want it this way or not.

As a result, the average worker wants to feel that they’re appreciated for their work. Make sure you regularly praise your employees when they do hard work. 

Consider giving out trophies, awards and other rewards as incentives for their hard work. This can include gift cards or vouchers to their favorite stores. You can go here to learn more about these rewards.

You can also offer unique experiences, such as a mobile massage therapist to give everyone a massage. It is a great way to show appreciation and let your team relax and recharge.

Offer Vacation Time

American workers take very little time off compared to their European counterparts. While working hard and having ambition is part of our DNA, it can also be one of the main reasons why your small business isn’t a happy workplace.

You should consider offering a guaranteed holiday to all your staff members. Even if you give them at least one week off per year, this can make a huge difference.


Wherever possible, you want to give your employees autonomy for their individual projects.

No employee wants to be micromanaged, yet this is precisely what so many bosses do. Let your employees maintain their independence and work as their own boss for their assignments.

The fact that you leave them alone is a surefire way to ensure they feel happy in the workplace.

Allow Space for Creativity

This returns to our first point. Since the average employee will seek to find meaning in their work, you want to give them room to be creative.

If they feel their work is mundane, it will take its toll on them in the long run. Ask for their input for different projects and encourage them to think outside of the box.

Offer Healthy Foods and Beverages

The final step is to bring healthy foods and beverages into the workplace. Give your employees an alternative to the fast food that they hurry through during lunch breaks.

If they maintain their health through their diet, this will ensure that they feel happy to come to work.

That’s How to Keep Employees Happy

Now you know how to keep employees happy with these five simple steps.

Start by offering them rewards for their hard work. This incentivizes them to continue their hard work.

Make sure you also give them vacation time. You want to allow them to be autonomous and creative with their work projects. Offer them a chance to have healthy foods and beverages so they feel better at the workplace.

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