How to Invest in Luxury Commodities and Funds

Investing is a long strategy exercise. In order to find success you will need to target commodities that are poised for great value growth as well as a blend of assets that can provide short term gains. Many value investors choose to mix dividend paying assets (real estate, high yield dividend stocks, and the like) with long hold luxury commodities for the greatest portfolio boosting growth over time.

For those new to the luxury commodity market, there are a number of things you can do as an investor looking to access this new space. As with any new commodity marketplace, learning as you go is crucial. Still, in the timepiece, jewelry, and real estate market, successes and losses can often operate on tight margins.

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Luxury watches, jewelry, and bullion offer long term growth.

The most common use of bracelets, ounces of gold, or high quality earrings is for hedging purposes against stock market volatility. Gold jewelry, such as hoop earrings, bracelets, and other accessories, provide a great way to lock in beautiful pieces that you can wear in the short term while adding value over the years. These are great assets to hold and are even passed down through generations in many cases.

As well as a booming market for luxury watches, bracelets, and necklaces, there are a number of retailers and brokers that grant easy access to the marketplace itself. This makes owning a Rolex, Cartier, or Tiffany piece far easier to accomplish than the purchase of other commodity assets. Searching for “shop authentic luxury watches on WatchBox” can get you started when looking for a new timepiece to add to your collection, or to start one that you can use for growth or inheritance purposes.

Finally, ounces of gold, silver, or other metal bullion assets grant unique leverage power for borrowing and long term growth that is unparalleled in any other asset class. These commodities grant an investor access to a unique success in long term growth opportunities. These assets are excellent at providing owners with leverage for borrowing opportunities in the real estate market or elsewhere. Collateral assets offer long term stability and tangible ownership over a flexible and valuable investment vehicle.

Purchase stocks that track with these commodities for a low cost alternative.


For the same reason that investors love REIT funds (Real Estate Investment Trusts), long term investment buyers often bring in gold mining, luxury brands, and other underlying assets in relation to high net worth commodities.

The real estate market is one of the strongest spaces for investors hoping to lock in excellent dividend income. However, a great credit score and sizeable down payment are prerequisites for buying into the real property market. Investors opt to go a different route while retaining the strong dividend yields of the real estate market with the help of REITs. As well, a high performance REIT saves investors from the need to “protect” their property. Insurance costs, the threat of non-payment of rent, and constant updates, repairs, and even evictions (in some instances) can eat away at your bottom line as a real estate investor. The REIT market negates these drains on profitability.

In similar fashion, a gold mining firm that trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) such as Alamos Gold can provide investors with this same great yield while mitigating the risk factors involved in the holding of physical commodity assets. Alamos operates a number of productive mines in Northern Ontario, Canada (Island Gold Mine and Young-Davison Mine), and Mexico (Mulatos Mine), as well as other Alamos Gold, Turkey and Alamos Gold, U.S.A. development projects in the works that promise to bolster the firm’s already outstanding stature among gold production specialists.

Just like in the REIT market, gold assets that run parallel to physical bullion holdings can act as a safe space to add additional financial resources without overextending yourself with additional protective measures. Gold is a unique commodity in that price is on a generally upward trend over the long term, but selling bullion isn’t always a simple endeavor. However, with stock in a mine such as Alamos, you can move assets as quickly as you would be able to with any other stock holding while still taking advantage of the benefits that the gold market has to offer.

Healthcare investments pay huge dividends, too.


A list of health funds should be required reading for any investor looking to capitalize on all that the market has to offer these days. Healthcare stocks are some of the hottest commodities on the exchange as the scramble to provide relief for Covid-19 infections and adjacent symptoms and protective measures continue to form a fact of life in 2021.

Covid-19 has reimagined the importance of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. In the modern United States, consumers rely on mask makers, drug manufacturers, and vaccination research just to go out for groceries or on a walk in the park. The healthcare industry has transformed into somewhat of a quasi-consumer staple marketplace. With it, the blossoming of stocks in this space has followed in short order.

Use portfolio diversification to round out your purchasing decisions for greater stability.


No matter what types of investments fit in with your portfolio, it’s always a great idea to practice rock solid diversification tactics in order to round out your portfolio with a variety of high performance assets that will hedge against one another throughout the years. No stock, commodity, or collector’s item will rise in price indefinitely. There will be blips in the upward trajectory that send your total value on a collision course with “the red.” Managing these movements is something that knowledgeable investors do well.

Keeping your investments on track to match with your overall financial goals can be challenging in the best of times, but bringing together assets that present a comprehensive picture of the way consumers interact with the world and the financial markets can help defray temporary downward price action. Make smart investments in your future and you will continue to see great returns that continue to boost your overall financial future in consistent ways.

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