How to Improve Your Sense of Humor Fast

Your life starts to be much more enjoyable once you begin developing a healthy sense of humor. Not only that, it is a great way to help you become a more fun person to be around and improve your overall social skills.

The fact is that being funny can help you in all areas of your life – from business to dating, from relationships with your family to making new friends. It is a great skill to have and one you should work on at all stages of your life.

This post covers the seven best ways to become a funnier individual and take life a bit less seriously.

Let’s start right away.

#1 – Practice Being Funny

As obvious as this may sound, humor is a skill. Just like any other skill, you need to work on it and practice regularly if you plan on making significant improvements any time soon.

You need to master the delivery and timing of your jokes and improve the way you tell funny stories. It is quite a complex task, and you should give yourself time to experiment and understand what works and what doesn’t.

So, the first step to learning how to be funny is simple – start practicing!

We are moving on to the second tip.

#2 – Be More Positive in Your Everyday Life

Have you ever met a funny person that isn’t positive?

We bet you haven’t. Having a positive outlook on life and being a generally optimistic person is a crucial part of being funny.

This approach to life doesn’t mean you have to be cheerful and laughing all the time, even when you tell jokes. If you have ever heard of dry humor, you know that most of the time, its delivery is rather calm and cold.

The main idea here is that you should start looking for small, positive things in your everyday life that can bring a smile to your face. Also, try to stop complaining all the time as it is never a trait of fun people!

#3 – Know Your Limits

The easiest way to from being a fun person to becoming a boring and annoying one is to overdo jokes.

The key is to find a balance between acting normally and having regular conversations and dropping witty remarks or telling jokes. There is a time and place for every humorous comment and every funny story.

That is why you will hear so often how timing is the key to telling a great joke. If you completely miss it or simply overdo it, your humor will fall flat on its face, or people will start completely ignoring what you have to say.

Read the room and notice how people are behaving. Reach to the atmosphere and take your opportunity only when the time is right.

#4 – Don’t Offend People

Sure, you might find something unusual funny for whatever reason. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that everyone else will feel the same way.

There are many ways you can offend someone with your jokes or your overall sense of humor, which is why you need to be very careful. Another great way to ruin your appearance of a funny person is to tell that one inappropriate joke everyone will remember for ages.

Sooner than you realize, people will think of you as an inconsiderate, hurtful person who has a very inappropriate sense of humor. It is hard to get out of this label once you cross the line.

That is why the important piece of advice to remember here is to make sure that your humor doesn’t blatantly offend anyone before you say a joke aloud.

#5 – Spend Time with Other Funny People

A great way to learn about humor and become a funnier person is to spend more time with other funny people. It sounds obvious, but most people don’t think of this approach when trying to improve their sense of humor.

Why is this a useful strategy to become a funnier person?

For one simple reason – there is no better way to pick up on timing, delivery, and a general understanding of humor than to look at how people who are good at it do it!

Learning by example will take you very far faster than you could have ever expected. The key takeaway here is:

Spend more time with your funny friends and pay close attention to their behavior. When do they tell their jokes? How do they tell funny stories? What part of their behavior seems to be the most interesting to people?

Take note of everything you notice and remember it the next time you found yourself in a situation where you would like to make people laugh too.

#6 – Learn a Few Simple Jokes

Learning jokes is generally not a good long-term strategy to become a humorous person. Why?

Because humor needs to be spontaneous, and this approach does the opposite.

However, there are a few exceptions. If you learn a few simple jokes that can find their application in many real-life situations, you should do it! You will be surprised how often you can retell the same short joke in multiple different settings, and it will make people laugh every time without exception!

You can start by learning some great one-liners or anti jokes. From there, you can explore a wide variety of great jokes that you can often use when interacting with people.

#7 – Watch More Stand-up Comedians

Remember our tip from above where we mentioned that you should learn from other funny people?

Well, nobody is as funny as people who do it for a living! Watch more of your favorite stand-up comedians, and you will soon start to take in some of their knowledge about humor as well as understand their natural charisma.

You will also have a lot of fun in the process!


Becoming a funny person is not easy to do if it doesn’t come naturally to you. However, there are many things you can do to start improving slowly. Start implementing the tips from this article, and you will see a difference soon!

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