How to Host an Amazing Party

As hopes are high for 21 June to be the date that life returns to some sort of normal, many of us are tentatively making plans for the future. With the summer promising to be the end of lockdown birthdays and restrictions on weddings and other celebrations hopefully lifting, we’re all beginning to consider the parties we’ll have.  

Whether you’re looking to throw that 30th birthday celebration or you’re plotting out a dinner party with friends, being the host can be both brilliant and daunting, especially if you’ve never been the host before. If you’re searching for event inspiration, read on. Here are some ideas to help you make your party memorable. 

Think of the guestlist

If you’re hosting a party for someone you love, you’ll need to think about who they love. The friends and family members make the big birthday bash or engagement party extra special, so it’s important to invite the guests that make the guest or guests of honour happy. 

If it’s a surprise party, you might need to rope in others close to the person you’re celebrating to make sure the right people are there. If not, make sure you speak to the birthday boy or girl, or the happy couple if you’re throwing an engagement party, to find out who they’d love to be there.   

Keep it simple

From the food to the playlist, keep things uncomplicated. This means you’re more likely to have a relaxing time and might actually want to host a party again in the future! 

If you’re hosting a dinner party or just a small-scale birthday celebration, save on cooking by ordering food in. To make things casual, opt for a barbecue or help-yourself buffet. You can also save on the washing up by plating up on paper plates. These can be themed to fit the event and it’s easy to pop everything into a binbag at the end of the event. 

Another easy way to keep everyone entertained is to create a playlist before the event. What’s the guest of honour’s favourite music? Whether it’s a 40th birthday or a baby shower, you can take the time to plan out the music that everyone will love, then press play when everyone’s arrived.  

Focus on one thing

Rather than getting stressed about trying to make everything perfect, focus on one area of the party and do that well. Everything else will fall into place from there. Fir instance, if you channel your efforts into decorating the room, go simple on the food. Or you might want to go all-out on the food and pop some simple bunting on the walls. 

The point of a party is for everyone to have fun. If guests remember the baby-themed activities you put so much effort into, it’s unlikely they’ll remember that you served simple sandwiches as part of a buffet lunch. 

Enjoy yourself

You’re hosting a party with and for people you know and care about. They’re there to have a good time, so if you’re enjoying yourself, they will too. Work out what you want to do, pull it all together, then let your hair down. 

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