Crypto cards are gaining mainstream attention as they allow crypto holders to spend their cryptos. Another interesting thing about crypto cards is, with these cards you can earn cryptocurrency as cashback. In this blog we will discuss crypto cards, how they work and the best 3 crypto cards available in the market in terms of crypto cashbacks.

So, let’s get started!

What are crypto cards?

VISA and MasterCard provide licenses to crypto companies which then issue crypto cards. These cards can be used at any retailer supporting VISA and MasterCard payments. Like traditional bank debit and credit cards, crypto visa cards enable you to do general transactions and make various types of payments. But the main difference with these cards is that you can spend your cryptos for real world purchases; be it coffee or a car. Using these cards you will also get crypto cashback.

How do crypto cards work?

For using a crypto card, you need to connect your card to a wallet. It can be the platform’s wallet, or you can also use your personal wallet. Connecting a wallet to a card, actually connects your funds to the card. After this you can start using your card for purchases.

Here one thing you need to know is that with crypto cards you care not directly paying in cryptocurrency. Actually, your digital assets are first converted into your local fiat currency by the card service you are using and then sent the bank account of the retailer.

Benefits of using crypto cards

Crypto cards can be beneficial for you in the following ways.

Low fees

With regular credit or debit cards you have to pay a certain amount of fee as an annual membership fee. Whereas with crypto cards, the yearly fee is minimum. Also, some card services do not charge an annual fee at all if you spend a certain limit of cryptos within a year.
With regular cards, you also have to pay a fee in foreign exchange but with crypto cards, there is no foreign exchange fee.

Use both crypto and fiat currencies

With traditional cards you can only spend fiat currencies but with crypto cards you can spend both fiat and crypto currencies, without having to switch between cards.


With crypto cards you can earn cryptocurrency as cashback. You can also choose which crypto you want to receive cashback. With these cards you can also earn rewards such as Netflix subscription. Expedia discount, airport lounge access, etc.

The best 3 crypto cards in terms of crypto cashbacks

There are many crypto cards available in the market. Choosing the best card would require some research. To save your time, here we have listed the best 3 crypto cards in terms of crypto cashbacks, with their description. is a MCO Visa debit card that allows cardholders to spend their cryptocurrencies. The company behind this card is, based in Hong Kong. The company offers these cards in almost all countries, globally. You can use this card at any store that accepts VISA payment.

With this card, you earn rewards in the form of cashback and extra perks each month.

You will earn cashback on every cent you spend with this card. The cashback can be from 1% to up to 8%. You will also receive 100% cashback if you pay the monthly fee of Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime with this card. There is no ATM withdrawal fee, and you can make unlimited currency exchange transactions with no fee.

BlockFi credit card

BlockFi Visa Reward credit card that has gained popularity as the only card that offers Bitcoin back. With this card, you pay in fiat currency as you cannot directly pay in cryptocurrency but earn Bitcoin as cashback. The company behind this card is BlockFi, located in New Jersey.

With this card, users can earn 1.5% back in Bitcoin, on every purchase each month. You can also earn an introductory reward of 3.5% back if you spend at least $3000 within the first three month of using a BlockFi credit card. If you refer a friend, you can earn a reward of $30 in Bitcoin. There is no annual or foreign exchange fee with this card.

Coinbase debit card

Coinbase card is a VISA debit card that allows cardholders to easily spend their cryptos for purchases. The Coinbase card is issued by MetaBank, N.A under license of VISA and powered by Marqeta. While in Europe, Paysafe Financial Services Limited issues this card. With this card, your assets are not liquidated for spending on purchases.

You have to pay a fee for some services, and some are available for free. With this card you can earn 15 to 4% back in different cryptos. You can choose the crypto for receiving reward, after which you earn reward in that crypto on every purchase you make.

The card is available in more than 30 different countries, globally. The card charges high fees but is best known in the crypto industry for its services.


There are several crypto cards available in the market. Each card has its own features, distinguishing it from others. No matter which crypto card you are using or willing to use, it is crucial that you know well about its fee structure, security, and reward structure before using it. Because you are fully aware of these things, you can make the best use of your crypto card.