How To Get the Best Deals When Sneaker Shopping Online

Sneaker shopping is your chance to find your next footwear purchase and show off your personality to the people in your life. Consumers purchase more than $100 billion of sneakers annually in the United States, but you can make your money go further by using the best tips for online sneaker shopping.

Timing is everything, and finding the best online shopping options will help you get more shoes for less money, building a collection your friends will envy. Finding the top sneaker brands at lower prices is easier than ever if you have the right advice.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to buying sneakers online that are a perfect fit for your feet and wardrobe. Keep reading to upgrade your shoe game today!

Time Your Shopping

Knowing the right time to start shopping is part of getting the best deals on your favorite sneaker brands. Shopping during peak seasons will result in paying higher prices for the comfortable sneakers you want. Online stores tend to raise their prices to increase profits when demand is high.

Avoid shopping for new shoes around the holidays to avoid paying a premium. Online stores will also raise their prices when students get closer to returning to school. You can get better deals on classic sneakers by shopping at the best time.

It’s also wise to avoid shopping for sneakers during the weekend. Prices rise during the weekend and plummet again when Monday arrives. Keep an eye on these pricing trends to get the best deals on top sneaker brands for your collection.

Opt-In to Email Lists

Many online shoe stores will offer discount codes and promotions in exchange for your email address. If you opt-in, you can score discounts up to 20 percent from the regular price. New subscribers can use these discounts for better pricing on the best sneakers online.

It’s a much better route than shopping at a brick-and-mortar shoe store since you won’t get those same discounts in person. All it takes is registering your email address with the online shoe store to take advantage of these excellent prices. The drawback is the increased volume of emails from this online shoe seller.

You can unsubscribe from these emails or keep them and take advantage of future sales and discounts. There’s no risk in providing your email address, and you’ll score great deals on your favorite sneaker brands. It’s a proven way to start sneaker shopping online with a budget, especially for the New balance 550.

Hide Your IP Address

Online shoe stores will also use your IP address against you when you’re shopping for the perfect fit. Your actions are being watched; too many visits to a particular pair of shoes could result in higher prices. Frequent visits without IP address protection will result in paying a premium for your favorite shoes.

The idea behind this method is to pressure consumers into making a purchase. You don’t want to miss out on the lower price, so the retailer pressures you into making an impulse decision and purchasing your favorite sneaker brands.

Using a VPN is an excellent way to prevent price gouging from the online shopping options you’re using. You can also turn on private browsing or incognito mode, depending on your internet browser preference. It’s a free way to find the perfect shoes without risking a higher price.

Search for the Perfect Fit

Sneaker shopping online also provides the risk of purchasing the wrong fit for your shoes. One way to overcome this potential issue is to visit a brick-and-mortar shoe store near you to try on the shoes before purchasing them online. You can feel what it’s like to have them on your feet and walk or jog.

Most online shoe stores will provide precise measurements for the perfect fit. You can download and print out these measurements to find out the right size for your feet.

Another strategy you can use when checking out your online shopping options is to purchase two different sizes. This is effective if you find that you’re between two sizes and you don’t want to wait for an exchange. Check the return policy for sneaker brands and vendors before using this strategy.

Online reviews will also point you in the right direction for sizing. You can learn more about sneaker brands that run large, small, or are true-to-size. These reviews will save you a lot of heartache and hassle during the online shoe-shopping process.

Look Up Discount Codes Online

In addition to the discount codes you’ll receive for signing up for email newsletters, you can also find promo codes by searching online. Message boards are an excellent resource to use if you’re looking to save some money when you buy sneakers online. Look up discount codes for the shoe brands and vendors you’re shopping with before you make a purchase.

Use these codes during checkout to knock some money off the price of your new shoes. You can also register a second email for the newsletter to gain an additional discount code for future purchases.

Buy Kid’s Sizes

The best bargain hunters always find a way to save money while purchasing their favorite sneaker brands. An outside-the-box method to save money on sneaker shopping online is to check the deals for kid’s and women’s shoe sizes.

The shoes are identical in quality and design, though they’re often less expensive than men’s shoes. Compare the men’s sizes to kid’s and women’s sizes to ensure you’re getting the perfect fit and make a purchase.

Take Your Sneaker Shopping Online for Great Deals Today

Sneaker shopping online is the most effective way to get the best deals since you can time your purchases and gain discount codes. Sign up for newsletters to receive promotions on your favorite sneaker brands and consider purchasing kid’s sizes for better pricing. Use online reviews to find the perfect fit, and try the shoes on at a brick-and-mortar store before buying online.

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