How To Format Academic Papers Properly

Writing your essay paper is very important to note that it is essential to format your paper correctly. It is as significant as you writing the points that you need for the paper. When you format, quote, cite and reference your work, this gives that knowledge that helps to show the audience that you know more of what you are doing. It makes your essay have some depth. When you allow your instructor to read through your work, it gives the instructor the impression that you have done good work.

When you are citing your work, you must follow the instructions. It is not the time when you do your things your way. When you write an academic paper, it comes with formatting styles that you need to understand. And if you do not know why you write your papers in that way. It will affect the results of your work in a negative way. So, writers from My Custom Essay shared their tips on formatting. Read them carefully and thrive.

Types of formatting styles

There are three major formatting styles that one can use for his essay.

  • APA style
  • CMS style
  • MLA style

APA format

The American Psychological Association put these guidelines in place to help people write in an organized way. Now the edition of this style is on the sixth. Most people who are in social sciences use this kind of formatting style. People doing social sciences, sociology, social work, medicine, and other social science courses will know how to use this formatting style.

MLA format

The Association that provides this kind of guidelines is the modern language association. The people who use this kind of writing are the ones from the humanities. So theater students, artists, and English will have to know how to use this kind of formatting for your essay. 

CMS format

The Chicago manual of styles created this style. 

This type of style is in courses like humanities. It is in edition number 16. This style is for those who are studying courses that involve advanced history.

All these styles of formatting have some similarities in common. These characteristics are present in margins, spacing. How do they reference their work? For example, APA style will list its “references” while the MLA will put it as “work cited.” It is a significant difference that will change your grade. So you have to be careful when dealing with these formatting styles.

There are moments where you will have to know how to use all three kinds of writing. But most times, when you are in school, you will use only one type of writing format. Learning all three types of writing will help you to write most of the articles. It is in case your lecturer asks you to write in other styles. The advantage of these styles is that you can learn them within a short time. So you can use them in a short time.

Depending on whatever styles you will use, it is significant to know the updates of the styles. You can write your work perfectly. These writing styles keep on updating their styles almost every year. So getting to know these updates should be one of your objectives.


The common mistake that students make using a style in the wrong way. Make sure you understand the kind of formatting style before you use it. 

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