How to File a Construction Site Injury Lawsuit or Claim with the Help of an Attorney

If you have ever been to a construction site, you will understand how many safety risks lurk around for construction site workers. 10.2 out of every 100,000 workers on a construction site suffer a fatal injury. Some of the most common construction site injuries include broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and limb amputations. These injuries can result in lifelong disabilities in many cases. 

If you have suffered a construction site injury, you can file a lawsuit to cover your expenses and financial losses, including lost wages. Remember that most employers provide workers’ compensation, regardless of the fact of who was at fault, but the workers’ compensation may not be sufficient.

It would help if you also remember that you cannot file a construction site accident lawsuit against your employer unless the accident resulted from their negligence, which you can prove.

This blog post helps you understand what to do following a construction site injury and how a reliable attorney like the ones at Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P, can help you file a lawsuit. 

Get Immediate Medical Attention

The first and most important thing to do after getting injured at a construction site is to get immediate medical attention. Not only is it crucial to ensure your well-being, but it will also play a significant role in your construction injury lawsuit.

Your medical records will clearly explain the severity of your injuries. It will also provide information about how soon you got medical treatment following the accident.

The later the time and date on your medical records from the accident date, the weaker your case will be. It is important to keep a copy of all your medical records with you. 

Report the Incident to Your Supervisor 

It is essential to inform your supervisor about your construction site injury as soon as possible. If possible, you should inform them right away. If you are injured badly and can’t report the incident to your supervisor immediately, you should have someone do it on your behalf or as soon as possible. Remember to keep a copy of the report with you.

Collect Evidence from the Site

Collect all the evidence to support your claim from the construction site. It includes photographs or even videos of unsafe working conditions. All this visual evidence will help you in your construction site injury lawsuit. 

Get in Touch with a Construction Site Injury Lawyer

Once you have collected all the documents, reports, and evidence that can prove that the construction site accident was because of the negligence of any third party operating at the site, the site owner, or someone’s negligence, you should get an experienced construction site injury lawyer onboard to take your case forward.

A construction site accident lawyer will study the evidence you collected, gather eyewitnesses, and collect testimonials to support your claim that you were injured because of someone’s negligence or mistake. Your lawyer will also help you understand what the best option is for you and what your next course of action should be.

Closing Word

Construction site accidents often result in severe injuries that can take several weeks to heal. This means that the injured worker may be unable to return to work immediately, resulting in a loss of wages on top of the extensive medical expenses.

If a worker gets injured at a construction site, it is their legal right to claim compensation. Your construction site accident lawyer can help you decide if you should settle with your workers’ compensation or opt for third-party claims because agreeing to receive workers’ compensation closes doors to further compensation that you may realize you need in the future.