How to Feel More Comfortable in Your Clothes

How to Feel More Comfortable in Your Clothes

Many people experience daily discomfort due to the clothes they wear. This could be down to physical sensations caused by their clothing or simply disliking how they look.

Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes is not an uncommon experience, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Here are a few ways you can start to feel more comfortable in your clothes and in yourself.

Identify Why You Feel Uncomfortable

There are different causes for discomfort when it comes to clothing and knowing which ones apply to you can be a great way to solve the problem at its root.

For example, do you feel physically uncomfortable because straps, seams, elastic, or waistbands restrict movement and cut into your body?

Or do you look in the mirror and feel as if your appearance doesn’t accurately represent how you want to look? When you learn the main causes of your discomfort, it will be easier to find effective solutions.

Choose Clothes That Fit Properly

Regardless of whether you feel uncomfortable for physical or psychological reasons, choosing clothes that fit your body well is the first step to improving your experience.

When a piece is too small or too large and this impacts your enjoyment of wearing it, you should consider finding an alternative that you are happier to wear.

It can be a challenge to go through everything in your wardrobe and get rid of items that make you unhappy when you wear them, but by giving them to people in need or selling them to a new home, you can move on and choose pieces that are better suited to your body.

Many stores have inconsistent sizing, so it is always best to try items on before buying them.

Consider Your Base Layers

What you wear underneath your clothes can have a huge impact on how you feel in an outfit, particularly if you experience discomfort based on wanting to look different rather than physical discomfort.

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Supportive underwear that helps you to feel more attractive can be the key to improving your outfits. Look for women’s shapewear that is designed to fit well underneath clothing and you’ll quickly notice the difference in your confidence levels.

Sometimes all that needs to change is the kind of layers you have that build up the outfit. Again, it is better to try new clothes while wearing the appropriate underwear so you can accurately envision the final look.

Find a Routine Look

Sometimes the reason for feeling uncomfortable in clothing is that you aren’t sure if an outfit looks well put together or not.

Decision fatigue is a big factor for people switching to more pared-back and interchangeable wardrobe options.

Identify your personal style and look for pieces that make you feel your best instead of letting mediocre items take up valuable space.

Build Up Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is a major cause of discomfort when it comes to choosing what to wear. Find techniques that help to improve how you feel about yourself and speak to a mental health professional who can guide you.