How to feel confident at your next job interview

A job interview can make you very anxious, especially if this you don’t have any previous experience. What can you do beforehand to feel prepared and as confident as possible?

job interview

How to dress for success.

It’s often said that you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. We also often heard the term ‘dress for success’. Making a good visual presentation will impress a future employer and will greatly impact your ability to get the job that you were looking for.

Get there on time

One way to impress a future employer is showing that you are responsible. Arriving to your job interview or maybe even ahead of time will go a long way with the person who is looking to hire you. If you are living outside of London and are looking for employment there, there are many different forms of transportation that will ensure that you will get there on time. If you are looking to commute, check the schedules for the trains you are planning on taking if the interview is successful. For example, the Hartlepool to London train allows you to travel conveniently five times a day on weekdays. You can spend time looking over your notes and preparing some more before the interview.

job interview

Doing research on the position that you are looking to attain

Employers are always looking for people who are productive and can learn quick. Showing that you have background knowledge about the job in question will possibly make them view you as somebody who can add value to the team. Do your best to inform yourself before going to the interview. Dropping subtle hints that you are familiar with what’s going on, will leave the person who is interviewing you with a very good impression of you.


Showing that you are an agreeable individual will immediately give the impression that you are a good team member. Shaking hands, saying thank you and smiling will give the impression that you are a person that is easy to get along with. It will give your future employer confidence in the fact that you’ll become a productive member of their team.

Stay relaxed

Anxiousness might cause you to behave in a way that may leave a bad impression on the person who you are trying to get a job from. Simple deep breathing exercises will immediately reduce your stress levels and will give you an aire of confidence.

Getting a good job is very important. Doing well at a job interview is key to securing employment. If you stay focused on what’s important you will be able to feel more relaxed and confident.

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