How to escape the pandemic screen time with blue light glasses?

If there is one industry that saw a good outcome from COVID-19 pandemic, it is the eyeglasses industry. 

As people have more time than ever, they are spending it recklessly on their digital devices. Spending too long on your devices causes digital eye strain – the group of disturbing symptoms such as headaches and blurred vision. The result? The demand for blue light glasses has increased since the past year.

But, there is a lot more to blue light blocking glasses than meets the eye. Read below to know how this protective eyewear works and what other benefits does it serve.

What is blue light?

Blue light is one of the many lights that together form the sunlight. It has short wavelength and thus its rays are more intense than any other type of light. 

While blue light found in the sunlight helps in inducing a healthy sleep wake cycle by boosting alertness in our body during the day time, digital devices emit the bad kind of blue light. 

As this light has shorter wavelength, it gets scattered easily and reduces the contrast which makes your eyes work harder to focus. This intense focus for long periods wears out your eye muscles bringing the symptoms of digital eye strain.

How does blue light glasses work?

These glasses have an advanced coating on their lenses that filter out 99% blue light and help us work on our devices without feeling eye pain or fatigue. 
They prevent the blue light from penetrating your retina which brings down the risk of damage to your eyes. If you are a working professional and spend your day at the office looking at your laptop or computer, blue light blocking glasses are for you. Or if you are a gamer, you can use gaming glasses to make you live streaming more comfortable

How blue light glasses help?

Blue light glasses bring down the negative effect of this harmful light and get you relief from digital eye strain. But this is not the only thing they help with. Here is what your blue blockers will do for you.

Bring relief to your eyes

When our working hours demands long hours of screen time, there is no way we can avoid our devices. In this case, you have to act smart and get glasses that give you the  best kind of digital protection.

Blue light glasses will block the bad light and glare coming from your devices so you have a good day at work. When your eyes aren’t hurting, your work performance will also improve. 

Help you sleep well

As we have mentioned above, blue light disrupts your sleep/wake cycle making you lie awake at night. If you have a habit of blasting your eyes with blue light at night, you may develop problems such as sleep loss or insomnia. 

Your brain interprets the blue light as the sunlight and thus makes your body more alert instead of signalling it to go to sleep. But when you wear blue light glasses, you won’t have any such problem. You can safely use your devices at night but just don’t forget to give them blue light protection.

Prevent age-related macular degeneration

The blue light from our devices and electronics targets the part of our retina that gives us our central vision. It is similar to an eye condition called age-related macular degeneration or AMD that normally occurs in people over 60.

However, if you are exposed to extensive hours of screen time, you are more likely to develop this condition early in your life. But, blue light glasses come here to the rescue. They provide a shield of protection to your eyes and delay the occurrence of AMD.

How to reduce blue light effect?

  • Take regular screen breaks to give your eyes some time to relax.
  • Adjust your screen light according to the light levels of the room. Avoid working in dim or bright future light conditions.
  • Try not to use your screen at least 2 hours before bed. You will wake up the next morning feeling refreshed.
  • Try some easy eye exercises at work and change focus so you don’t have a risk of developing short sightedness.
  • Pay attention to your diet. Include green veggies and fishes in your meal to nurture your optic health.

Blue light glasses are available online so you don’t have to step out of your house to get them. You can order your glasses online in the UK and get them delivered the very next day at your doorstep. 

We all are guilty of digital consumption. But it doesn’t mean that our eyes have to suffer. Give them the best kind of protection with a pair of blue light blocking glasses and resume or online classes or work from home.

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