Halloween tends to bring a lot of fun for the little ones, with trick-or-treating, parties and spooky movies. However, it’s possible to have too many of those treats and run the risk of getting sick during the start of cold and flu season. Taking a few simple steps can help ensure your child has a happy and healthy Halloween.

Opt For Healthier Treats

Candy is everywhere around Halloween time, so it’s important to make sure your children don’t have too many sugary items as they enjoy the festivities. One idea is to swap out candy with them. When they bring home a goody bag from a friend’s party or school, trade a few of their candies for elderberry lollipops. This gives them a treat that also supports their health.

Parents should also think of a plan to ration out the candy collected on Halloween night. Your child will be tempted to dive into the entire bag at once but that’s a bit of an over-indulgence. Make a deal to eat a few pieces that night, save some more for later, and donate the rest. You can also come up with fun foods such as chocolate-covered bananas to supplement all the candy.

Don’t forget to inspect the candy your child brings home. Toss out any items that may be ripped open, expired or seem homemade since you can’t guarantee they are safe.

Staying Active

Being active and healthy before and after Halloween are also good ideas to stay well as you head into the fall. Trick-or-treat events can mean a lot of walking outdoors. Everyone will have a more enjoyable time if they are in shape and don’t get out of breath.

Add a walking routine into your daily schedule for your little ones and yourself can help everyone make the most of Halloween. Just 30 minutes a day can make a big difference. To support their growth even more, add Wellements multivitamin into the mix.

Boost Immunity Naturally

Halloween events may mean your child is in crowded spaces with a lot of other people. This could increase the risk of catching a cold or a different upper respiratory illness. Having good natural immunity can reduce the risk of getting sick, and make it easier for your child to recover if they do catch something. Regularly using immunity liquid drops toddler can build protection long before the holiday.

It’s a good idea to keep hand sanitizer close by as well. Your children will be playing and handling toys, then eating hand-held foods such as cookies. Keeping their little hands clean can reduce the chances of someone eating something icky and getting sick later. 

The playful Halloween season can be a fun time for everyone, from children to adults. By starting to prepare early with a bit of increased activity, immunity support and limits on candy consumption, you can keep everyone happy while still embracing the festivities. To get started on supporting your child’s immunity, check out quality supplements and vitamins made just for little systems.


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