How to Dye a Wig of Human Hair

Human hair wigs cost a little more than synthetic hair wigs, but they’re well worth it. Human hair wigs are not only the best quality, but they also look and last longer. Another big advantage is that human hair wigs, unlike synthetic wigs, may be styled and coloured without causing harm. It’s worth noting that colouring wigs from light to dark is straightforward, however dyeing wigs from dark to light is more difficult. If you want to colour a human hair wig, you can get lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and 360 lace front wigs from online stores.

Why Should Your Human Hair Wig Be Dyed?

A human hair wig may be dyed at home, which is probably the best option. On the one hand, hair colouring has become more simple. With the aid of numerous tips, you may easily dye your wig to your preferred colour. On the other hand, human hair wigs may be coloured at home to save money. If you want coloured wigs, you should get them directly from the manufacturer. Wigs are available in a range of colours and styles, including blonde and highlighted human hair wigs.

So, what should we bear in mind when it comes to dyeing our hair? To discover how to colour a human hair wig, keep reading.

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What Wig Dyeing Supplies Do You Need?

Hair clips, masks, rubber gloves, light wigs, hair dye, mixing bowl, sponge, flat wig comb, and newspapers are all needed. How to dye your wig

1: Wash the human hair wig to get rid of dust

Before dying, wash human hair wigs to eliminate dust and excess oil that has formed between the strands. After washing the wig, let it air dry or blow dry completely to eliminate any dirt. Allow it to dry before colouring it.

2: Mix the dye colours together

Use a standard hair dye to achieve the desired effect. Hair colours may be purchased through online retailers or pharmacies. In a plastic bowl, mix the hair dye with the developer once you’ve purchased it. To determine how much dye to combine with the developer, consult the dye’s instructions. Combine the ingredients using a plastic spoon. Calculate the dosage of the human hair wig based on the length of the wig. Metal bowls and spoons should not be used to mix colours since metals can cause the dyes to oxidise and change colour.

3: Applying the Dye

To protect your skin from the dye’s irritants and stains, put on rubber gloves. With a paintbrush, apply the dye on the wig and check to see whether the colour is what you desire. If it doesn’t work, experiment with various hair colours. If you’ve achieved your goals, keep colouring your human hair wig. Dip the human hair wig in the dye basin. Gently apply the dye to the human hair wig with your hands, starting at the top and working your way down until the entire human hair wig is dyed.

4: Use human hair to comb and fix the wig.

Wearing the human hair wig vendors on the wig stand allows the wig to maintain its shape and style after it has been coloured. Using a T-pin, secure the wig to the stand. Use a wide-tooth comb to ensure that the colour is properly distributed throughout the human hair wig. As a consequence, the coloured hair will seem more natural.

5: Allow the human hair wig to dry before applying the colour.

Allow time for the colour of the human hair wig to settle. Do not believe that the longer the hair dye is in the hair, the more colour it will have! This isn’t true. Check the dye’s packaging to see how long it should be kept. This normally takes between thirty and forty minutes. Take a look at the colour of the human hair wig.

6: Wash the Human Hair Wig to Remove Excess Dye

After the human hair wig has been fully coloured, wash it to remove any remaining dye. Use a light shampoo to wash your hair. After washing, give it a good rinsing under the tap. Conditioning the human hair wig in the end will make it more supple and glossy. Applying conditioner to the wig’s root might cause the human hair wig to come out, therefore avoid it. After 5 minutes, rinse the conditioner with cold or warm water.

7: After the Human Hair Wig Has Been Dried

To dry a human hair wig correctly, pat it dry with a towel to absorb any excess moisture. The wig was then air-dried in a well-ventilated place after being hung on a stand. To avoid harming the human hair wig, use the lowest heat setting possible when drying it with a hairdryer.

How Can I Color My Human Hair Wig Without Dying the Lace?

If you want to prevent dyeing the lace when colouring your human hair lace wig, you’ll need a substance like glue to cover it.

  • Attach the wig on the mannequin’s head by brushing the wig’s hair back.
  • Apply a thick layer of your glue product and let it cure naturally or with a low-heat hairdryer.
  • Repeat the preceding procedures to apply a second layer. After the hair has dried for around 30 minutes, you may colour it. The net will not stain as a result of this chemical.
  • The lace should be cleaned first, then the wig. Your net should be colourless from top to bottom. If you take these precautions, you should be able to protect your lace in the long term!

How to bleach a wig made of human hair

This is where things start to become a bit difficult. While it is simple to dye your wig a deeper colour, bleaching it requires utmost caution. Are you aware of the dangers of over-bleaching your hair? You may do the same thing with your wig. You should be able to attain outstanding results if you proceed gently and methodically. 

Make sure you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Wash and dry your wig to get rid of any styling products.
  • To hold the wig in place, set it on a mannequin head or something similar.
  • Put on your gloves and prepare to bleach your hair.
  • Apply the bleach product to the lace in a gentle dabbing motion.
  • After you’ve bleached all of the knots, cover the lace with foil.
  • When the knots turn blonde, it’s time to rinse. Rinse the lace in the other direction.
  • Condition the lace after washing it with a neutralising shampoo.
  • Allow the lace to dry naturally. Heat should be avoided at all costs!
  • Now that the lace is off limits, apply your bleach product to the wig’s hair.

You may need to use the bleach many times to achieve the desired hue. It will take some perseverance, but it will be well worth the effort! To bring out the colour in darker hair, you’ll need to make additional passes. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations and treating the wig hair as if it were your own is essential. Keep an eye on the timers!

After removing the bleach solution, gently press any leftover water out of the wig with a towel before air drying or styling with very low heat.


Ensure that all of the bleach has been removed, or those locks will be lost for good.

Use a 20-volume crème developer with bleach to obtain the colour without over-processing your wig and destroying strands (and dreams).

Your wig’s lifetime may be shortened if you bleach it. There are times, though, when beauty comes at a price.

Although bleaching the knots would give them a more natural appearance, it will damage the roots and lace of the hair. Take these precautions before dying a real hair wig.

Use high-quality brushes to comb and detangle your wig, and brush slowly and softly. If you labour harder on the roots, you will lose more hair.

Buy many wigs and rotate them to make them last longer. This way, you’ll be able to change up your look more readily. Enjoy your personal style since life is short!

To guarantee that the wig is wet and ready to accept colour, do a thorough conditioning treatment at least a week before dying it!

Always do a little “test” patch on your human hair wig to make sure the colour is what you desire. Keep in mind that if your wig falls below your shoulders, you should get two dye boxes just in case!


If you’re worried about colouring your wig, you may always go to a hairdresser beforehand. After witnessing them do it firsthand, you’ll be more confident the next time! Wigs are expensive, and you want them to endure as long as possible.

The nice thing about wigs is that you may be more bold with the colour because they aren’t your own hair. Miss Universe, dare to dream!

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