How to Download QuickBooks File Doctor

All of us know that today financial activities are no more dependent on manual registers and files. There was a time when people used to work day and night and busy in doing accounting work manually on papers and files. Today’s era is a era of tech savvy. Everything is going to be digital so is the finance and accounting. You cannot imagine how fast the technology moving in the field of accounts too.

Hence we are into touch with the latest accounting software which removes all the monotonous way of dealing with accounting business. It is a complete package of accounting software with which we all are very much familiar with the name of Intuit QuickBooks.

QuickBooks has solved all the problems related to recording payments, billing and other related work to accounting sector. QuickBooks users are very well versed in using it. But still there comes a situation where they find difficulty in tackling with issues and errors and get stuck somewhere while using QuickBooks. These errors and issues made difficult for its users to get over with it easily.

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Hence Intuit QuickBooks has provided a solution to it by launching a treatment solution with the name as QuickBooks file doctor. This tool will help you in removing the errors and fixing the issues.

Most of the QuickBooks users are well versed in fixing issues and errors, but majority of people is not. Thus keeping in view this fact, this article enlightens you with deep insight on QuickBooks file doctor tool with various techniques of downloading it.

Download QuickBooks File Doctor
Download QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks file Doctor: An effective tool

Before we discuss various methods by which we can download QuickBooks file doctor, we must understand what QuickBooks file Doctor in detail is. As the name suggests, it is a doctor that gives treatment to the errors and issues though created while using QuickBooks Accounting software. QuickBooks file doctor is basically software that repairs issues associated with data, files and windows. It fixes issues and errors in case the file got corrupt and not responding for any reason…

Now let us learn various methods by which you can download QuickBooks file Doctor Tool easily.

Techniques to download QuickBooks file doctor

With following easy steps mentioned below in each technique you can easily download and install QuickBooks file doctor in your system.

Technique 1:  Download using Internet

  1. In the very first step, you need to download QuickBooks file doctor from the internet as you normally download the other app from the internet thereafter QBFD.exe file need to run.
  2. Thereafter you will see installation begins within a few seconds as soon as the QBFD.exe file runs.
  3.  Surprisingly QuickBooks file doctor will automatically open as soon as installation gets completed. There will also be an option to click or start, you can click on it.
  4. There should be a .Net framework for QBFD. If it is not available in the system, then the QuickBooks file doctor set up will automatically download it.
  5. A simple installation process needs to be followed by users of QuickBooks file doctor. The process is as simple and similar to the other programs installed in the window.

Technique 2: Use QuickBooks Tool Hub to download QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. QuickBooks Tool Hub file is to be downloaded first and save it at the place by which it can easily locate.
  2. ThereafterQuickBooksToolHub.exe file is to be opened.
  3. You need to follow the steps that are appearing on your screen to install and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. You need to click twice on the tool hub icon so as to open the QuickBooks tool hub as soon as installation gets completed.
  5. Company file issue tab is to be chosen after opening of tool hub.
  6. Run QuickBooks file doctor option is to be selected. It will take only a minute to open the file doctor.
  7. Thereafter company file is to be selected from the drop down menu to be followed by check your file and in last with clicking continue option.
  8. In the last, you need to type and enter QuickBooks admin password followed by Next option.

The built-in version of QuickBooks File Doctor can also be used for fixing up issues and errors in QuickBooks. You are not required to download it as it is already downloaded and is inbuilt. Whenever you come up with any issue, it automatically detects an error and helps you troubleshoot in fixing the errors. You just need to click on the start option so that it starts detecting and rectifying the issues themselves. It is the simplest and effective version of the QuickBooks file doctor.

At last, we sum up with QuickBooks file doctor as troubleshoot of all errors whether it is related to corrupted data or damaged file. Also, it is an effective tool for fixing issues like file not open and not responding. We recommend you immediately download the QuickBooks file doctor and start availing its uses.

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