How To Do Your Laundry In A More Eco-Friendly Way?

When your laundry is filled to the brim, it’s a proper time to do some laundry. It doesn’t matter if we like this household activity or not – it’s necessary. However, it’s not necessary to use harmful, harsh chemicals, which are often included in the ingredients list of popular washing products. Have you ever wondered how to replace them, and what is the best natural laundry detergent?

Is natural laundry detergent better?

Switching into natural laundry offers a wide range of advantages. The largest of them is, above all, greater care for the environment and our health. But often people looking for natural products wonder if eco-friendly solutions will be as good as the traditional ones. The same type of anxiety also applies to the laundry sphere! Is natural laundry detergent better? Does natural laundry detergent work?

The answer is – yes, of course. First of all because natural detergents can without any effort deal with dirt, so you don’t have to worry about efficiency. Secondly – and what’s the most important – they won’t do you any harm. All because natural cleaning agents don’t contain any aggressive chemicals such as SLS or 1,4-dioxane which may be toxic. Thanks to this, you can have clean clothes and at the same time – you don’t have to deal with any allergies and skin problems that can happen while using traditional washing agents. That’s why using natural laundry detergent is a good practice.

What is the best all natural laundry detergent?

If you’re wondering – where is the best place to buy laundry detergent – it’s worth remembering that you don’t always have to buy them. Although it’s not difficult to find an eco-friendly laundry detergent store on the market, it’s also very easy to do such products yourself.

All you need is soda ash, borax and soap flakes. Everything mixed in proportions counted in glasses – 1:1:1/4. However, if you aren’t very keen on any DIY potions, you can still find other ecological solutions. Have you ever heard about soap nuts? It’s a detergent that has been used for thousands of years, and it’s a great alternative to traditional detergents. In contact with water, the shells release a kind of soap that perfectly cleans and refreshes the laundry.

What is a good natural laundry detergent? First of all – what doesn’t pose a threat. Neither the environment nor you. But what else can we do to make our laundry more ecological? Are only detergents important?

How to do laundry more ecologically?

There are a few other laundry tips that you may find useful for protecting the environment. What’s worth remembering while inserting the laundry?

  1. The temperature really matters. Are you afraid that the low temperature of the washing will prevent your detergent from dissolving? Or you can’t remove the bacteria? With ecological solutions, you don’t have to worry about it. And the lower the temperature, the better for the environment. You save both – energy and your clothes.
  2. Wash less often! It’s best to wait until the basket is full. Washing only 3 t-shirts doesn’t make much sense. Large laundry saves a lot of water and energy.
  3. Reduce spin cycle. Some materials, especially polyester, dry really quickly. Maybe it’s worth reducing the settings sometimes, if the high ones are not necessary for us? This will save a lot of energy.

It may be just small things, but laundry is an integral part of our lives. By focusing on small steps towards environmental friendliness only in this area – we really do a lot. Maybe it’s worth a try? For the environment and for ourselves?

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