How To Create Profitable Google Shopping Campaign In 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for the entire world. The pandemic situation took a toll on not only our day-to-day activities but also on the business activities. Small and medium-sized retailers, entrepreneurs are the ones who suffered the most. Further, when you look at the post-COVID lifestyle, you will find that online shopping has witnessed a boom; advertisers or marketers are going online worldwide.

In order to sustain through this cut-throat competition in the online marketing world, Google Shopping Campaign is the key! This article will tell you everything about what Google Shopping is and how to create a profitable Google Shopping Campaign in 2021 here you can see the detailed guide on ppc marketing.

Brief About Google Shopping Basics

Google Shopping is like a comparison shopping engine that allows advertisers to advertise their products through Google Ads platform. When a searcher searches for a product, Google displays the most relevant shopping Ads for your products, as well as your competitors.

Each Google Shopping Ad consists of an image, product title, retailer’s name, price, shipping costs, reviews, etc. Not only it is a great comparison shopping engine, but also the most popular one where a high-quality audience searches for products.

The best thing about Google Shopping Ads is that it directs potential shoppers to your website. These Ads are placed on the Google SERPs, display network, and partner websites.

Why Use Google Shopping?

Well, the current pandemic situation necessitates using Google Shopping Ads for advertising your products. Many potential shoppers still start their product search on Google; thus, you need to present where your customers are.

With Shopping Ads, Google pulls data from your online store, create Ads for your products, and matches them with the search queries. Initially, it takes time but will require less efforts later. The other reasons why you should use Google Shopping Ads are-

  • It is a great way to appear on the top of Google search results.
  • Shopping Ads show products. Thus, shoppers are more likely to click the Ads rather than exploring the text Ads.
  • Google Shopping Ads are intent-based, which show when people are actively looking for products.

How To Create A Profitable Google Shopping Campaign?

After understanding the need for using Google Shopping Ads, your next step is to create Google Shopping campaign that will give you the most profitable results.

Create Your Product Feed

Crating product feed is the first step of setting up Google Shopping campaign. Check all the product photos, information, and see if they align with Google guidelines. If you don’t, Google will likely disapprove your products, and you won’t be able to advertise them.

According to the guidelines, your product photo-

  • Should be a clear image of the product.
  • Should well-fit with a light-colored background.
  • Should be free of fading or blur.

Your product images should not have logos, borders, watermarks, patterned background, or text overlays. Then, create your product feed for Google Shopping Ads. You can do it by using an app, extension, or manually by creating a spreadsheet.

Link Google Merchant Center And Google Ad Accounts

Before setting up Google Shopping Campaign, you need to create Google Merchant Center account, claim and verify the store’s domain. For this, click the Merchant toolbox and select ‘Linked Accounts.’ It will take you to Google Ads tab, where you can link it to the Google Ads account.

Once you have done that, link this account to your Google Ads management account.

Upload The Product Feed

After you have set up your Google advertising accounts, the next step is to upload the product feed. A product feed is a document that contains all the information Google needs to know about your product to advertise via shopping Ads. The information includes-

  • Language
  • Product name
  • Product ID
  • Product type
  • Description
  • Image link
  • URL, etc.

If your store’s platform is connected to Google Merchant Center, then your product feed data will be uploaded automatically. If it isn’t, you need to do so manually.

Click ‘Products’, ‘Feeds’ and then a blue ‘+’ button to add a new product feed. After that, Google will process your feed. Your next step is to go to Diagnostics to fix the errors. Also, don’t forget to configure your shipping and tax details.

Create Your Google Shopping Campaign

Sign in to Google Ads, head to the Campaigns tab and select ‘+’ and ‘shopping.’

Fill in all the details of your campaign, like campaign’s name, Merchant Identifier, country, etc.

Choose the area you want to target with Ads. Next, you have to select the bidding type, maximum CPC. Once you are done with the settings, click ‘Save and Continue.’ Create Google Shopping Ad groups for your products.

After completing all these steps, your Google Shopping Ads will go live.

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Best Practices For Optimizing Google Shopping Campaign

You have created accounts and uploaded all the necessary information aligning with Google’s guidelines; your work doesn’t end there. It is crucial to track the success of your campaign and take steps to optimize it. Below are a few steps that can help-

  • Segments your products in different campaigns and Ad Groups. You can segment the products based on their cost, category, price, or performance.
  • Segment the search terms, analyzing how likely it will create a sale. After you have sorted the search terms, you can create a negative keyword list and find out the terms that drive the most traffic.
  • Your product photos should be on-par with the competition. Check if the photos on your product feed match the other Ads when you use a similar keyword.
  • Make sure to optimize the landing pages your Ads are directing the customers to.
  • Add product reviews and promotions to make your Ads irresistible.
  • Focus more on the quality of your traffic than quantity. Start small and keep your max CPC low to avoid spending much.


When creating a Google Shopping campaign, there is a lot to think about. From product feed, data, and budget to create your accounts, you need to think for a while before taking action. However, if done right, Google Shopping can give profitable results, increasing your visibility and driving sales.

Set up your Google Shopping Campaign correctly, ensuring that all the information aligns with the Google guidelines. Optimize your product title, description, price, and keyword usage to enhance the campaign’s performance. While you won’t get the best results overnight, your consistent efforts to optimize the content will pay off!

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