Animated videos: how to create and what tools to use

Currently, animated videos are the formats most used by companies in video marketing strategies.

Very popular thanks to the ease of passing rich and concise messages, animated videos are created from drawings and graphic images in motion.

If, on average, people spends more than 39 hours a week watching videos on the internet, betting on this format is essential to spread the messages of your company.

Find out more about it in today’s article!

Animated business videos are getting more and more popular!

With the advancement of video marketing strategies, companies are looking for videos to diversify communication and ways to reach their customers.

After all, people have increasingly chosen to watch an explanatory video about your product or even an institutional video about your business instead of reading an article, for example.

At this point you must be wondering if “is an animated video a good option for business content?” Right?

When we talk about animated videos, many people immediately think of videos for children, such as movies and cartoons. However, put that idea aside!

Animated videos are great options for companies and the reasons why we believe that are in the following topic. Check out!

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The benefits of animated videos

Animated videos have several benefits for companies. First of all, it must be said that this video format can be used for several purposes.

It is possible, for example, to create a personalized video with the company’s brand to use on social media or even on the company’s website and briefly present the business.

You can also create a more complex piece to explain how a product or service works. There are many possibilities and benefits of animated videos, see some of them:

Low production cost

This is one of the main benefits that animated videos provide. Its low cost is due to the use of more simplified technologies in production.

It is not necessary to hire a film crew or rent or buy highly professional equipment. There will also be no need for actors, as all content will be animated.

You will only need software for creating the video or a professional specializing in creating animations for companies.

Imagination is infinite

Unlike a video with real people and scenarios, in which the imagination is limited, the experience of creating a video with animation is much more interesting. Your imagination will be able to fly freely and everything can be created.

Your production will not depend on a physical place and you can use, for example, fantasy places and create magical stories.

With content like this, people will be more interested in what you have to say, because you will offer them an invitation to get out of the routine and dream about your company.

Explain complex ideas

With animated videos it is possible to explain complex and naturally difficult subjects for your consumer.

The presentation of data, infographics and more complex themes can be done in a more simplified way, using explanatory images and characters.

Lectures and presentations with images are 43% more effective, when it is necessary to involve people with a topic. And the same logic can be applied to animated videos.

People naturally have a clearer and broader understanding of a subject when they can see the explanation. That’s one of the things that animated videos provide.

Best return on investment

Another big point to take into account when planning a video creation concerns costs. At this point, animated videos come out ahead!

Animation production is cheaper than that of other formats, which provides a more advantageous return on investment than other types of video.

That is, when investing in animated videos, your company will have a faster return without having to make a high investment.

10 tools to create animated videos

Now that you know the benefits of making animated videos for your business’ video marketing strategy, it’s time to get started!

If you still don’t know where to start creating animated videos for your company, we have listed 10 of the most used online tools for creating this type of material. Check out!

1. Doodle Maker

The Doodle Maker is a very complete and easy to use platform, in which you create animated videos with different objects and images available on the platform.

If you don’t have a lot of time to create your video, the platform offers some ready-made templates that can be used in your creation. However, the platform is paid ($ 47 per month).

2. Muvizu

The Muvizu is a tool that allows users to create 3D objects and give them life in animated video format. All of this quickly and simply.

She has characters that can be used in her videos, as well as some audios that can be synchronized with these characters.

This platform is also paid, but offers a free version for 7 days.

3. GifUp

With GifUp you will be able to use your own images to create animated gifs. You can even insert text in the images and enrich their animations.

It is simple to use and very accessible, in addition to being a free tool. However, they are not exactly animated videos, but GIFs, which are shorter and limited than the videos.

4. Showbox

The main function of Showbox is to be an online video editor. However, you can also make animations using the templates available on the platform.

You can use your own photos to create animations, insert captions and take advantage of other functions to personalize your animations.

5. CreateAGif

With CreateAGif you can use up to 20 images at once to create animated GIFs.

In addition, there is also the option to change the speed at which these images appear, and can make them fast or slow, depending on your choice.

6. PowToon

One of the main advantages of using PowToon is that you don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge to create animated videos. In just a few steps you can create amazing videos.

There are characters available on the platform to personalize your videos. However, to have access to all the functionalities of the system, it will be necessary to pay a monthly fee, with values ​​starting at US $ 79.

7. Video Scribe

Do you know those videos that show a hand drawing every detail? They can be done simply with the Video Scribe platform.

The most interesting thing about this tool is that it makes available an infinite gallery of images, figures and texts. With that, without much difficulty you will be able to create fun and explanatory animated videos.

8. Whatfix

With Whatfix you can create tutorial videos and teaching content in a simplified way, all with the help of the platform’s step-by-step system.

There, you can create animated streams and then embed that content on your website or social network. However, this is also a paid platform.

9. Explaindio

With Explaindio you can create animated videos for your company in a simple way. This tool provides a large library of images and various accessories for you to create animated videos quickly.

It is also a paid platform, with prices starting at US $ 49 per month.

10. Make A Gif

Our last tip is the platform for creating amazing animated GIFs Make a Gif. With it you produce GIFs from images or videos, making your company’s institutional materials more fun and attractive.

You can even host your GIFs on the platform to use them whenever you want on your company’s pages, social networks and other channels.

Animated video types

Now that you know the benefits of animated videos and know what the best tools to create them are, you should be excited to create yours right now, right?

However, be aware that there is not only one type of animated video. There are several options, which suit different types of public.

Here are the types of animated videos that exist:

2D animation

This is the most common and oldest way to create an animation. Those are handmade and animated drawings. However, nowadays, software is used to create what artists used to create by hand.

3D animation

Here, images created by computer are already used and their effects are in three dimensions. These three dimensions are: width, height and depth.

These types of animated videos also use light, graphic effects and more to give a more realistic and natural look to the animated video.

Stop Motion Animation

Photography is used in this type: numerous photos are taken of the same object from different angles. The object undergoes small changes in position. When the photos are gathered, the movements happen and the video is created.

Whiteboard animation

This is the famous whiteboard animation, widely used in lectures and classes to explain a certain subject.

Here is the artist who takes action. He draws several images and then animation is applied, giving movement to the images.

Motion Graphics Animation

In this technique, the various visual elements – such as colors, lines and lights – come to life and movement. This format is widely used for vignettes and corporate videos.

How to make animations on video?

For everything to go well in your strategy of creating animated videos, it is essential to know where to start and how to do it.

With that in mind, we have prepared some steps on how to make animations on video. Follow and learn more!

Set the goals for the animated video

To start producing your animated video, it is important to define what your goal is. What do you intend to achieve with the production of an animated video?

With the objective in mind, it will be possible to define the type of video and whether the animation technique will be the best that you will use in your creation.

Let’s go to the script!

With your goal set, it’s time to make a script. Just as a soap opera has a script with lines, dialogues and scenes, your animated video will also need a script.

Create a story for your video and put it on paper, defining what to expect from each scene and what story you want to tell in your video.

Draw the Storyboard

The storyboard is a kind of “draft” of your animated video. You must do it similar to a comic book or comic book. This is important so that you do not miss the sequence of the story.

Make your storyboard and save time in creating your video, putting the most important and useful information – like main scenes, important lines and things like that.

It’s time for animation and design

Now it’s time to bring your video to life! But, if you are not confident yet to create your animated video or do not want to bear the costs of platforms (usually in dollars), do not give up!

You can hire companies that specialize in animations, which make everything from the script to the final animation, so that the video is made according to the visual identity of your company and with a more professional touch.

Promote your video

With everything ready, it’s time to put your video on the air and spread it to your audience. Upload your video on a platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo, so that everyone has access.

An interesting tip is to create small portions of the video and post it on your Instagram or other social networks. This will direct people directly to your full video.


Now that you’ve learned the importance of using animated videos to publicize your company, put that idea into action and make your own videos!

Whichever animated video format you choose, whether in 2D, 3D or Motion Graphics, it is important that your video message is simple and clear!

By carefully following all the steps mentioned here, your video will be a success and you will see your revenue increase!

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