How to Create a Detailed Informative Flyer with One Sheet of Paper?

As technology seems to change our way of obtaining new information from print to digital, most people are still fond of reading new information on print paper. And because of that, giving out flyers and brochures is still a thing in most advanced areas. 

But as publishing companies distribute countless numbers of flyers and brochures in a day, the number of paper they produce doubles over the past years. 

Since many receivers want to get a brochure or flyer that contains all the necessary information in one sheet, the challenge in producing one hardens. Because of that, many companies are redesigning their flyer or brochure templates just to get the right one to go. 

And through this process, these companies are losing more money than usual just to search for the perfect means to fill all the necessary information with one piece of paper. 

But as for the smart publishing companies, the use of a decade and a half old tech becomes their main takeaway to create informative flyers that consist of one page only. 

And that tech has been used by small and large manufacturing companies to input and retrieve data for their inventory management. 

To know what tech are these smart companies are using; its physical key takeaway has something to do with its physical appearance, square, black, and has patterned tiny boxes inside its frame.

What is a QR code?

A QR or Quick Response code is a type of barcode that is developed in 1994 by a Japanese engineer at Denso Wave to create a faster and lighter means to decode information from it. Its structure is different than the regular barcode and it upholds two means of scan orientation for better scan results. 

In today’s current QR code utilization, the technology can support encrypting data with complicated embedding codes such as files, H5 pages and Vcard information. All of these functions are can be found with a QR code generator that you can find online. 

How to create a detailed informative flyer with one piece of paper?

Since most one-page flyers are restricted with only a few pieces of information due to limited spacing, many receivers only read a gist of the flyer they are receiving. Because of that, many companies are compelling the receivers to reach out to them to get more information by appointment. 

But as this technique is seen to be an effective marketing tactic for marketers, some receivers are hesitating in getting more information from them. Due to their hesitance, marketers are missing out on a large pool of potential customers along the process. 

To solve this issue, smart companies are inserting QR codes to connect them with demo videos about the product or service they are offering, digital information guides, links to support their information, and/or a digital map where they can purchase the product. 

To embed information guides about the product or service, smart companies use a PDF QR code in storing them. 

As they use QR codes to store the necessary information shy readers need to learn, creating an informative one-page flyer is possible and help companies to reduce money and resource they usually use for two or more pages flyers.


As fascinating technology can be, many people still choose to learn new things traditionally, like reading new information from print paper. And through that, the business of giving out flyers is still alive and well.  

But as the information many companies use to describe the product and its uses may require more than one sheet of paper, the cost of printing one increases over time. 

Because of that, many smart companies are integrating the use of QR codes to store the other necessary information to create a one-page informative flyer, and people will only use their phones to scan them and learn more. 

And to successfully store and embed the information safely and securely, they always rely on a QR code generator with logo like QRTiger and make the most out of the QR codes they use to unlock new possibilities.

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